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The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.0.8

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ASH PRIME color schemes bugs: Happend in Plains (using smoke screen + blade storm + teleported to get older ash blade storm animation)

Happend before a few month ago....

Before mission:20180717204418_1.jpg

In Mission after using the ability20180717203442_1.jpg20180717203020_1.jpg20180717203938_1.jpg

After Mission & Extracting20180717204506_1.jpg

Please Fix this. thank you... and teammates in the same squad stuck on dargyn cant get off. Also happend couple times to myself.

Please Fix This.

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- Add the top left button which allows for ship navigation without exiting the menu, in the new UI!

- Add a way of leaving survival missions without the need of at least one other squad member to do so! Not everyone wants to waste an hour in survival.

- Fix the Secura Lecta not showing its energy when swapped for the first time in a mission and in several other occasions until first hitting with it.

- The "Leave Squad" option should be right below the profile icon after finishing a mission, not under "Show Profile"! And increase the size of those icons, it's a DRAG to have to drag over to it.

- The full detailed list of players should be visible when hitting ESC during a mission without having to drag the cursor over every single one to see!

- It's about time you change that generic dumb loading screen before missions, change the ships' angle, add a new background, add a wormhole...

- REMOVE those glitchy annoying lotus transmissions.

- Add a "Favorites" tab in the Foundry where prefered items can be added, so much time is wasted on trivial crap inside the Orbiter...

- REMOVE those bright white screens inbtween loading screens

- REMOVE those sticky corners when taking turns and getting stuck on goddamned normal vertical surfaces!

- CHANGE the sound effects for accessing navigation and exiting it, it's too loud and generic!

- Give us that damned nodachi already!

- Decrease the size of sentinels, they take up way too much screen space and get in the way!

- WHY do you ask if you wanna skip that crap cinematic at the start of some missions if you CAN'T?!

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On 2018-07-11 at 1:33 PM, MrLagzy said:

Why is it that Venari and your own pet can still equip the same exact mods? Khora has been out for quite a while and this is just laughable that it simply isn't considered to be an issue that needs fixing. I've been posting it over and over again in these threads yet nobody at DE seems to care at all.


Why is it still a thing that Venari and your own pet can CARRY THE SAME EXACT MODS!?!?!? Why can I equip one mod into two different entities? - This isn't a thing when it comes to sentinels and your own weapons, then why can Venari and Companions equip the same exact mod? WHY?

It has been explained by DE why when they released Khora along with her "exalted" pet a while back. The question you should be asking is : why isn't this possible with sentinels and their weapons?. You know, instead of focusing on the negative. 

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sins this update the controller does not work properly  

warframe controller player /warframe streamer  logged in other day realised that the game had a update while i was off ,

the controller settings are out of wac i have spent 5 days trying to sort it out and its only warframe that there is a problem with i have been changing the settings trying to get it to work properly but the analog sticks left is not bad but the right is so out of whack scoping out of the question  looking about takes so much effort otherwise the look goes all over and get killed   all controller sensitivity for look even set at  0 / 100  no change  and same for 100 / 100  Help plz i use xbox 360 controller like i always have sins started playing and i have the game thru steam  also confirmed that Lunaro D-Pad settings are unable to save  normal the set up for controller configuration doesn't work as when in mishon the d-pad uses the  Lunaro settings  which is up nothing left + right nothing down consumables  it wont except the gear 1,2,3 in order of left , down , right  screenshots of settings look forward to a reply and resalution


http://prntscr.com/k7jdw9 the steam settings for sensitivity 

http://prntscr.com/k7jcdx link shows in game sensitivity is at 0


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Progress stopper with the sacrifice when building umbra. The blueprint isn't in the foundry.

Forget what I said. Just equip him in your armory.

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