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Byron the Kavor (Never Forget)


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I like defection. It's one of my favorite mission types, but I never really play it. Last night I decided to fix that by doing a quick round, and multitask by bringing my new-ish Oberon Prime (lv 18 to start) and Cassowar (lv 12). Also brought my Arca Plasmor and Stubba to be my ol' reliables so I'd have something to use that would work. I'd never done the defection on Neptune, so I figured why not and flew in there.

Immediately I'm greeted by broken machines and flesh columns, tell-tale signs that I was in Infested turf, something that the Corpus stationed here found out far too late. The Lotus chimes in, gives me the speech about the Kavor. I like the Kavor; I can appreciate their desire to live a normal life, and I'm glad to help them. How they ended up on an Infested-owned Corpus ship I'll never know, but this isn't the time for questions. Pumping my Plasmor, I open the door to the main chamber of this ship.
The first group of Kavor had holed themselves up in a side storage room not too far from their escape pods. They hear me open the door to the main chamber and spend a brief moment preparing for their run. I grab a battery that a now-deceased osprey had generously donated to me and try to find a life support tower for the Kavor. Finding one in the chamber's central atrium, I slot in the battery, causing the machine to ding and glow with a green light; it was fully charged. With all my preparations done, I signal to the Kavor that now is the time to go. Within seconds, I hear a door open; from amongst a mess of crates and lockers, three Kavor emerge. I meet up with them and carve a path ahead of them; the Infested remain tame for now, only needing one shot or a few swings before they fall. Getting back to the life support tower, I fend off the incoming hordes while the Kavor heal for the rest of their journey. Once all three had been topped off, I signal to them that it's time for them to move. Just as easily as before, I clear the way forward for my followers while they eliminate threats from the sides; they're running too fast for anything to be a threat from behind. Before long we arrive at their escape pod. I help them board and then see them off. Those three had escaped, but they were not the only Kavor holed up in this ship.
This same pattern holds true for the next two squads. Though not without difficulty due to the sudden emergence of Ancients, Kavor squad number four also escapes with their lives intact. Despite being presented with the opportunity to leave, I decide to stay and help some more; I've got nothing better to do anyway, and these people need a hand. What kind of Tenno would I be if I turned down someone in need?

I send a signal to the fifth squad, telling them that I'm ready for them. Immediately they burst through the door of the closet they decided to fortify in and begin making their way to the nearest life support tower. I meet them midway, playing the part of both the guide and the guardian. However, something seems off. There's only two Kavor here. Shouldn't there be a third...?
It was distant, but unmistakable: the third Kavor. I break off from the other two, having cleared their path well enough for them to make it to their life support station and having charged the station's battery long enough for it to last several minutes. I retreat, going in the direction that the scream came from.
I turn a corner and see a horrific sight: a Charger rabidly tearing at the third Kavor's flesh, the Kavor incapacitated by an Ancient Healer's hook still lodged in his back. He sees me, and says something I'll never forget.
"Leave me! Go!"
In that moment, something clicked. He thought he was a lost cause. He saw me, and he knew that his comrades were alone. He didn't want to be saved; he wanted to save his friends.
The Ancient lays dead on the floor, and no trace of the Charger remains.

I run over to the Kavor, intent on at least trying to save him. The same wave of plasma which killed his attackers also cauterized his wounds, so he is at no risk of bleeding out. I can't assess the extent of his internal injuries, but I could imagine that between being impaled on a hook and inhaling infested spores, they were just as bad.
"Ten...no... you... killed them..."
"I couldn't just let them do that to you. I had to-"
"No, Ten...no... My friends... the... Kavor... you came... for... me... And you... left... them... to die..."
Even in his dying moments, this Kavor is more concerned with his friends than his own life. He doesn't know that I had paved their way and given them minutes of time. I have to let him know. I send a signal to the Kavor squad which by now must have reached their med tower, telling them to pick up. I make sure the volume on my transmitter is loud enough for this Kavor to hear.
"Tenno? Where did you go?"
Immediately he perks up. That was his friend’s voice, and it was not a voice of pain or suffering. It was a voice of hope. Confused hope, but hope nonetheless.
"I had to go back for something. Are you two doing OK?"
"Been better. But the air is good and sikhat are weak. When you coming back?"
"Very soon. Hold your ground until I'm back, OK?"
"Yes Tenno. We hold here."
"My... friends... They... live... Thank you... Tenno..."
"What's your name?"
"My... name...?"
"Yes. You have one, right?"
"Well Byron, your friends are gonna be OK."
"Thank you... Tenno... But... Byrok's name... is... Byr-"
"And better yet, you're gonna see them be OK."
I feel energy building up inside of me, quickly becoming more than I can contain; this was my plan. A Renewing wave of energy emits from my systems, patching up the damage I'd taken in my fights thus far. More importantly, this wave hits Byron, and his relief is immediate. His wounds close, his fist clenches, and he gasps heavily. He sits up, breathing rapidly. If I had a face, I would be smiling at him right now. After a moment of breathing, he looks up at me.
"Tenno... I feel... incredible! Did you do this?!"
"Yeah, I have that effect on people." I reach out my hand towards his. "Do you think you can stand?"
He grabs my hand, smiling up at me. "Only one way to find out."
I help pull him up, and he makes a grunting noise as he puts his weight on his legs. Though he is a little wobbly, he seems to be standing up. We almost start to celebrate, but our festivities are cut short by a roar that sounds ominously close. I notice a Grakata on the floor by where Byron's hand once was and point at it.
"Is that yours?"
"Yes. I mean no! I mean, it is not mine, but I am using it."
"Well, best pick it up. We'll be needing it." I start walking through the door leading back to the rest of the Kavor squad. "If we see any batteries on the way back, do you think you can carry them?"
"No. Arms weak. Can carry, or shoot. Not both."
"Alright. Let me know if you see one. I've got a pistol, I can carry a battery and still shoot. You good to go, Byron?"
"My name is-"
Three Leapers and an Osprey bust through a nearby window. They're clustered tightly enough that one Plasmor shot is enough to dispatch all of them, but I know that they won't be alone. I pick up the battery that the Osprey was carrying and motion to Byron that ready or not, we need to go. He nods, and starts running.
Room after room, the swarms close in; the Infested sense that someone is getting away, and they can't let that happen. But we have something that the Infested don't: guns. With both myself and Byron letting loose lead hailstorms, any pursuing Infested stand no chance. Though Byron's expression at the violence is not one of joy, I can tell that he is happy to be getting out of here.
*Beep* *beep*
It's my transmitter. It's a message from... the two Kavor? I'd best answer.
"Tenno, where *cough* are you? The tower light is red, and there is sikhat *cough* everywhere. The air hurts, Tenno. Please, *cough* hurry!"
"I'm on my way! Just hold on!"

"I was right, Tenno. You came for me, and now... my friends die..."
"Dying and dead are not the same thing, Byron! Keep running, we're almost there!"
Within a few seconds, Byron and I had arrived. I drop my battery momentarily to show the Infested swarm the power of molten plasma, and while the Infested are busy disintegrating I Renew the Kavor duo as I had Renewed Byron and plug a new battery into the med tower. The Kavor duo had managed to kill several battery ospreys in our absence, so power was not an issue; between my Renewal and the med tower, the now-reunited trio of Kavor should be good to move in a matter of seconds.
In the rush of cleaning up the mess at the med tower, I hadn't noticed what the Kavor were doing. I look over and see a three-way hug; I'd join in myself if not for the Infested that are also trying to "join" in the hug. Once I notice that their health is full, I give them the signal to move out. They break up the hug, nod both to me and each other, and start moving toward the escape pods. I take the lead, showing any Infested who dare to rudely interrupt this family gathering what the consequences of poor manners are. We almost make it to the room with the escape pod; the end is in sight.
Oh no, not now! We're so close!
I feel my back hit the floor. Even worse, I'm moving. Backwards. I've been tagged by an Ancient, and it's pulling me into its swarm. My back burns, like something is melting my systems near the hook. No, it can't be…!
I turn around.
It was.
A Toxic Ancient, surrounded by its underlings. All in position to pounce, all with hunger in their eyes.
I'm not making it out of this alive.
I look back around and see Byron. He's several meters away, closer to the escape pod than to me. His look is one of horror. His stance, an unshakable form of dumbfounded. He is paralyzed, staring at me, his jaw halfway to the floor. I can hear Chargers running beside me, and if Byron keeps standing there, he's going to get mauled. I only have enough time to say one thing to him.
"Leave me! Go!"

Years could have passed in this moment; time moves at a crawl. The Chargers charging at Byron move at a snail’s pace. The Ancient which had taken me hostage begins to roar; the noise rings for what seems like an eternity. Slowly, I see Byron close his eyes and his mouth, looking down at the floor.
He shakes his head.

He looks up, back at me.
He looks behind him. His friends had heard my thunk as well. One of them holding a Sobek, the other a Gorgon, they knew what they had to do. Getting into position and taking aim, they simply await the order.
"Kavor! Fire!"
A storm of bullets immediately gets sent downrange. The Kavor are clearly not trained soldiers, but they have the advantage of having automatic weapons. Either by genetic skill, or dumb luck, they start hitting their targets. Infested start falling, starting with the Chargers that had tried to rush Byron down. They then take aim at the Ancient, and though it takes many bullets, it quickly goes down as well. With my freedom to move restored, I begin to fight back as well; with the four of us working together, the horde stands no chance. A few seconds and several hundred bullets later, the horde lies silent and still. We had won.
I walk back over towards the Kavor, Byron in particular. I have a question that I need answered.
"Why? Why did you risk your life, and your friends' lives for me? I was dead! You could have saved yourselves!"
Byron walks closer to me.
"You came back for me, Tenno. For us. Without you, we would be dead."
He walks even closer.
"I came back for you, Tenno. We came back. Without us, you would be dead."
He inches closer to me than I would normally consider comfortable.
"Do not you see, Tenno? We owe you our lives."
Without warning, he wraps his arms around me. I return the gesture.
"We returned the favor, Tenno. We returned the favor..."
He starts crying, and his friends join in the hug. In this moment, I'm not Tenno, and they're not Kavor. In this moment, I'm their hero, they're grateful with every fiber of their being. With the Infested repelled for now, I let them keep hugging as long as they want. They've earned it.
Eventually, the Kavor let go. Distant roars pick up once more, and we all motion to each other that they should get in the pod and go. As the Kavor pack into the cramped escape vessel, Byron looks at me once more.
"Goodbye, Tenno. And thank you."

"Glad to help, Byron."
"Tenno, my name is..."
He chuckles.
"Byron is grateful."
He steps into the pod and pulls the door shut. With the last remaining bits of visibility we have, we wave goodbye. The pod's engines fire up, and the Kavor blast off into space, en route to a Steel Meridian base nearby.

With my work done, I walk over to my own extraction point. The Infested roars are distant enough that I'm in no rush. On the way, I notice a battery that had been dropped by an osprey during our last stand. It’s almost unrecognizable, filled with holes from bullets which either penetrated it or got stuck inside of it. I chuckle; the Kavor are definitely not trained soldiers. I pick up the ruined battery and bring it with me back to extraction. It's a nice keepsake of this mission, and I've got a free pedestal prime for it.

TLDR: A low-health Kavor said "Leave me! Go!" and it hit waaaaaay too close to home. 


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6 hours ago, Theweirdomaxim said:

So, when are we gonna buy your book of Warframe stories? 😛

I've worked out a deal with Darvo. Coming February 33rd 2035, you'll be able to purchase my stories for the low low price of only 12 payments of 250 plat per page. 

Accounting for inflation, that's probably a good deal. At least, Darvo seemed to think so. It was hard to get a read on him, what with his pupils changing to dollar signs. Kinda hard to tell what he was thinking.

2 minutes ago, birdobash said:

Volume 1 chapter 1 XD we need more

I have written a few other things in the past. I just write these as odd/funny/heroic things happen in-game. It means that I'm able to write these more authentically, since everything is at least partially based on a true story that I've lived through, but it also means that I get my material for these completely at random.

There'll be more, though. I can almost guarantee it. Coming Soon™ :tongue:

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