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Grineer "Clangor" Pump Action Shotgun

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A heavy, beefy, Grineer pump-action shotgun in the style of the Arca Plasmor and Corinth. Forgive my terrible pictures, this was done in a moment of inspiration with exactly zero artist experience. 

Overall, the intended design aesthetic would fit in with the Gorgon and Kraken weapons, heavy and tubular with whisker-like protrusions on the front and a relatively thin stock, small window-like lights on the barrel shroud. Most of the mechanical action would actually lie flat or embedded in a groove running most of the length of the gun, popping up from the body of the weapon between shots, and during the reload.

Reload procedure would be similar overall to the Corinth, wherein the tenno pulls open the action to feed rounds into the internal non-detachable magazine.


  • Primary Fire: Standard buckshot spread, moderate crit, low status.
  • Secondary Fire: Toggles fire-mode to a single slug shot with innate punch-through, lower crit, higher status.

Slow reload and rate of fire supplemented by quick top-off reloads and high single-target damage. Secondary gives a moderate amount of versatility in open world and larger maps while still maintaining overall function as a CQC weapon.

Action illustration:




I colored this with no regard to actual tintmasks, but my thought overall was:

  1. Upper reciever - metallic semi-matte material similar to Gorgon and Kraken. Scratched and worn. Default green.
  2. Lower reciever - dark matte material. Main "body" of the gun. Default gunmetal grey.
  3. Decorative elements - plastic, matte, stock padding, pump/grip. Default tan.
  4. Action elements/toggle lock - metallic, shiny. Default grey/silver.
  5. Lights. Default orange or red.

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