hello again i previously asked if there are any recommended primes for a mr7 player, now im back with another question. im mr9 now and i need a new set of weaponry i love my tigris but its just not cutting it for sorties. i was wondering if you guys had any recommended weapons for mr9? if so let me know 


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Here are some primaries you can consider:

  • Hek
  • Stradavar
  • Lenz
  • Baza
  • Rubico
  • Ignis Wraith
  • Dread
  • Paris Prime

Some secondaries you can consider:

  • Atomos
  • Lex Prime
  • Pandero
  • Marelok

Melee weapons to consider:

  • Galatine
  • Tipedo
  • Redeemer
  • Destreza
  • Endura
  • Lesion
  • Hirudo (innate lifesteal)
  • Dragon Nikana

All of this should be within your mastery rank.

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