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Nightmare Weekend!


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Nightmare Weekend is here Tenno!


Just like the existing Nightmare mode, these alerts will be ultra-challenging, and will use the same rules and modifiers.

1) The alerts will inform you of the reward - on the hunt for a certain dual stat mod? Stay tuned to alerts for a chance to find it!

2) Completing Alerts to acquire the same mod card more than once is a good strategy towards quicker and cheaper mod fusion.

3) There are a total of 10 different dual-stat mods available; each one will appear multiple times over the weekend.





Alerts will start to appear Friday, August 23 12PM EDT and will end on Monday, August 26 12PM EDT -keep your eyes peeled to find the mods to fuse and try out!


There will be no leader boards posted for Nightmare Weekend, this is an opportunity to collect some rare dual-stat mods and have fun!


Stay alert Tenno!

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Arid event mods and other special mods will not be in I guess...


I count 10 of the original Nightmare mods and they say 10 =(


1.Ice Storm
2.Stunning Speed
3.Hammer Shot
5.Accelerated Blast
9.Focus Energy
10.Rending Strike
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Woot..... nightmare mode everywhere..... so .... *challenging*


I am so thrilled about this.... so much challenge.... so much skill needed.... it's not like they take away the given rules of the game and try to make a fake challenge without any skill at all other than getting obliterated if you have no shields and energy, or just rushing through if you do.... no... not at all....


Oh my... am i a happy kitten jumping around or what.....

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