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Issues Regarding The Dojo.


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Alright.. Let me get some things clear before the conversation starts.


We recently had a patch, 9.5 I believe, with new dojo tiles and whatnot. However my issue is this.. I created the Dojo Storm Barracks, not knowing the increment in price was 10-12x times the original prices on nearly everything(Some less than 10 times, but specifically the connectors/hallways became 10x the price, and stops me from building the blueprint we made for the entire dojo, levels 1-2-3, and sub floors 1-2).

I'm not sure if it's a Bug, or a glitch.. I deleted/destroyed our Storm Barracks. Now to rebuild it, it costs 3x the Forma, and the resources are triple in cost.. Why? Why is that? What if I destroyed my storm barracks, for the new Update 9.5? And turns out, I gotta pay triple prices for everything? And three Formas for the Storm barracks instead of 1? How would this be fair? And what about the new triple costs? Since its storm barracks, but previously I only paid 3300 per a room? Now I gotta pay 12,000 nanospores for a room?

That'd mean, if anyone followed and deleted their rooms for the 9.5 They'd pay extensively, an expensively, for the new rooms, wasting more time, and at the same time, the affect of Storm Barracks(increases prices) would stack.







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Because Dojos are not meant to be built by one person. They are a clan project. Be glad you weren't around when all rooms, for all clan sizes, had costs of 10k plus for each material, and 5 Forma.



You missed the logic in what I said. Please go back and read it again before making presumptions. 

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