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After Player Level 6, Possible New Area Talk?


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Hey guys xSimox here of OrokinTech.com

So I was thinking at work about a few things in the game and thought I might share my ideas with you all.

After player level 6, I thought it might be a fun little thing to give bonuses to the player to make them feel a little more accomplished when hitting 7-12. I thought maybe a small passive bonus of extra affinity or credits, Warframe speed or something of that nature. Reasoning behind this is that we are increasing our "mastery" of the Warframe so why not, when we master our frame, get more features out of the frame.

Also I thought of a new area possibility. So far we are in 1 galaxy. I thought it might be cool if we were able to transfer to a new galaxy where we can explore new possibilities. Possible new bosses, areas and enemies. This would open so many doors for new content that would keep the game running without bleeding.

What does everyone think about that?

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