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Few Suggestion On Warframe Gameplay Improvement


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Hello everyone , so yeah i have some suggestions on how to improve the game ( not sure if it is the right place but here we go :S)


My English is not the best so .. yeah 


The process of buying ten of "Ammo boxes" or a "Team health restores" is like that :

1- Press on the item 

2-Press "Buy"

3-Press "Yes"

4- Press "Ok"


Then repeat the process 10 times .. which is why i am talking about it here , i do use team health restore a lot to help my squad and such , and i do buy 10 of each when i use them all , which is a bit annoying , so here is my idea , why not put a empty box where you decide how much you want of the item and tells you the total , oh it would be so so great , in case you don't know what i mean here is a screenshot :

Uploaded with ImageShack.us
The other suggestion is really annoying and it really must be changed soon :/ , it is voting a missions ... when you misvote a mission you absolutely can't take it back until you get out of the lobby(or game or what ever) then get back in , i don't really think it should be like that , so this is why i suggest why not add something to take vote back(remove votes or something like that) it would be so so great :) 
And to the other problem , player entering your game effing it up and you can't do anything about it , i had a problem with a dude before 1 week or two he kept entering my game ruining it not reviving not helping just taking space and xp and mods and i can't do anything , i am not saying add a button in-game to kick players , just add it before starting the actual game , so i can kick who ever joins my squad if i didnt want them , it would be really great to do so
I guess that's really all if i had new ideas i will come here and post it , thanks for all the admins , they keep helping me when ever i ask and really fast :) , thanks to the devs for the great game , aaaaand yeah that was it :D
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there have been many many threads about buying in bulk.

DE has yet to give a reason as to why they have not implemented it yet.

as for the voting bit...

its a bit annoying.

again, its been talked about before, and we have still never heard from DE one way or another.


we all get annoying people from time to time, thats just how it is. having a vote kick option is not really the answer though. it could be horribly abused and would cause more QQ than not having it. that said, we do need a black list option of some kind, so that we can avoid playing with those annoying sorts a second time.

you bring up good points op, but they are all very old and very well talked about topics.

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You know, there is a way to take back your votes in a lobby. All you need to do is change the game type at the top to something, and then change it back. That will cancel your vote.


but working around the problem rather than fixing it is odd to say the least.

DE really needs to work a bit more on UI.

and again, very old topics that have been brought up and talked to death many times over.

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when you accidentaly clicked on a mission that you dont like and there you are swearing on your seat. dont fret, just click on the "Connection Bar" the one that lets you pick either online,solo blah blah, and click anything like from online status to invite only, this cancels out the mission youv picked.


300Th post :D

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