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Umbra Scarf and Details Toggle


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I'll keep furthering this topic until somebody at DE comments about their stance on the issue. 

Please make Umbra Scarf and Crescents a toggle.  It RUINS other skins.  Some people want them on separate toggles or auxiliary slots, and some don't mind them being toggled all at once.  I leave it up for you to decide.  Many people have paid good money for Excalibur skins but did NOT want to be forced into wearing a scarf and/or Crescents with those skins.  No other Prime is treated this way.  If I want Rhino Prime to look exactly like Rhino, I equip the Rhino skin and NO Prime parts are showing anymore.  Why does Umbra not have the most basic cosmetic features that every other warframe in this game has?  This feature should have been standard right out of the gate, because it is already a standard you have set DE.  You are now breaking your own standards for reasons I cannot even fathom.  

You hold same cosmetic rule for 56 warframes, and now you are singling out one warframe to have different rules?  Why?   

Multiple threads asking for this very same thing below:



































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Bump.  These are just a fraction of the topics made asking for the same thing.  I think it's more productive to show DE how many topics have already been made, than to keep creating a brand new one every day that gets lost in a see of threads.  

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I agree with this. I love Umbra’s design, but there really isn’t any reason he should be forced to keep his prime details, just give us a toggle, like with Tennogen skins.

I would, however, like to stress that I’d like for the option to toggle on/off to work with all skins, not just Tennogen ones. I quite like how the prime details look on the Dex skin, for example, and it would be a shame to lose that.

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10 hours ago, Marvelous_A said:

It doesn't necessary need a toggle function but I think the scarf should go into auxiliary slot and have a separate color option. The current coloring conflicts with a lot of color schemes.

Putting the Scarf in the Auxiliary Slot would definitely appease my needs as well, and make a lot of people happy.  However they decide to do it, I would just like the option that all other warframes get to have.  :satisfied:

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I do totally support this! Personally I really like the style of Umbra and I'll probably keep it but his scarf as well as the Umbra-Details should be toggleable. The more customisation, the better!


Am 13.7.2018 um 18:16 schrieb AlMcFly:

It RUINS other skins.

To say it "ruins" other skins might be a bit harsh, but it certainly is not wanted in a lot of cases.

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Just now, Uthael said:

The scarf is probably there to cover an eventual Helminth cyst. ... Since, lore-wise, Umbra shouldn't be ABLE to have one.

That would be great if it worked that way. 😛 as it stands, the cyst just forms on top of the scarf, which implies that the scarf is....part of it's flesh...?

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22 minutes ago, Almagnus1 said:

I too would like a unique attachment point for umbra for this scarf.

It's cool, but not everyone is cultured and wants the most fasionable scarf...  those droll pedestrians.

*AlMcFly looks suspiciously at Almagnus1, wondering if he's just come face to face with a doppleganger...*.  😁

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New Hotfix, still no Umbra details toggles.  I just love my brand new Targis Prime armor clipping inside of my Scarf chest piece, which clashes (and hides) with my magnificent Ronin skin.  

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The model of Excal Umbra is from 2015, if not earlier. It seems like the frame's model was just ported from Chinaframe without any changes, it even had the problem of floating crescents until a recent fix. So I guess we'll just have to wait for scarf/parts toggle.

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On 2018-07-20 at 12:41 AM, Gerand_Regent said:

That would be great if it worked that way. 😛 as it stands, the cyst just forms on top of the scarf, which implies that the scarf is....part of it's flesh...?

Hm, the cyst on my Umbra was completely hidden by the scarf when his head wasn't turned to the right. So the cyst was definitely growing from the neck but not the scarf.

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1 hour ago, Rawbeard said:

there is already a toggle: use normal or prime excal

Imagine if they told you Limbo Prime had to keep the same hat on every one of his skins, or Loki is forced to have his vanilla helmet across every skin.  Imagine Volt's arm rings have to remain vanilla, even on Prime, and cannot be colored to match the rest of the Prime skin.  The scarf on Umbra does not color match with deluxe skins, while simultaneously causing most Syandanas to not work and his chest piece makes most armor sink into the body.  

You're being pretty discriminatory against one frame, while every single other frame in the game enjoys 100% customization with skins we pay real money for.  If it doesn't affect you in any way, than you shouldn't care at all.  Seems a bit petty to make facetious comments at people who feel like they are getting slighted.  We are most definitely getting slighted.  $20 for Targus armor that doesn't fit right.  Many $'s for syandanas bought before Umbra, that do not work on Umbra.  Many $'s for Excal skins bought before Umbra, that must be covered by a discolored, non-pattern body piece.  What kind of person feels good about the collective misery of others?  

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