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3 Heavy Weapons 1 Winner!(Help Plz Lol Just Wep Devate Need Advice)



SSOOOO.....i was wondering i wanted 2 craft a heavy wep but only 1 and a specific 1 so i just want advice on which i should grab the choices are : ORTHOSE PRIME,HATE, OR REAPER PRIME!


suppovaly those r the best heavy weps out there but i just cant choose.....the only weird thing is i checked the wiki site and reaper prime is just a weaker version of hate the only up side is it has more reach but hate has more dmg and dps but people say its other way around HELP PLZ!  ( TY ALL)

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Be aware that Orthos (Prime) has no knockdown on Jump attacks.


Also a bizarre hitbox and not 360 degrees on a charge attack.


Also hitting 5 targets is not as big a damage increase as it seems, as each additional target takes less damage.


Personally I prefer the Scindo, or either Reaper (Technically reaper is better charge DPS than hate but deals it in faster, smaller dosages).

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well thanks for the help guys but.....id sorta like some reasons? instead of just orthose is better i sorta like 2know y? no offence but this dont help a lot and also can u compare amphis 2 these 3 weps or is it just out of its leauge(as in better or worse cuz if i cant choose 1 of these 3 ill stick 2 my amphis its reliably)

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