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(Suggestion) Allow Us To Use Our Weapons In The Dojo


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A dojo by description is a place of training. To learn & refine taught abilities. The dojo of warframe in its current state is little more than a fancy guildhall. I was on a mission & had an incredible idea. I was going to set up decorations in my lone reactor room for use as shooting targets. As I entered my dojo I had a realization. We can't shoot in the dojo. This upset me some as that meant that the only place we could practice our abilities were the sparring room, & the obstacle course. Until we have more such rooms, allow us to set permissions in rooms to allow the use of our weapons. No friendly fire of course. This would allow us to be more creative in practicing our skills. Such as my previous idea. Setting up decorations in the reactor room, & using them for target practice. I mean there are so many rooms in the dojo that serve no purpose other than organization.

PS. I don't know if this belongs here, or in dojo feedback?

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