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Builder Warframe


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So i had this idea about warframe with abilities to build somethings.

Here are the statistics:


Health : 100

Power : 125

Shield : 75

Armor : 50

Sprint speed: 1


The skills are as following:


1. Barricade cost 25 en: Build a small barricade in the floor. This last for a period of time, or after absorbing a certain amounts of damage. Increasing the level increase the damage cap, also numbers of deployable barricade.


2. Drones cost 50 en: A small drones that hover around the frames like a sentinel, but maybe more like Corpus's Osprey. Drones heals warframes for a fixed amount of health/sec or shields the player much more like Corpus's, whichever fits the game better, can be destroyed by enemy's fire, upgrading improve drones health and shield, last for 30s or after healing the player a certain amounts, let's say it's run out of gas.


3. Blades mine cost 50 en:  A mine that spring up when enemies step on it. Deals 100/200/350/500 serrated blades damage. Range is small, about 3 ingame meters, can't be increased with stretch. Can be stacked up to 5 mines at once.


Okay i haven't decide on the 4th skills yet, i was thinking about maybe build some laser traps or something, but it would be bad for defense mission ballance, maybe something like building a small bullet factory would be good.



A frame that build something on the ground maybe cool.

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