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[Warframe Concept] Sectolyst: Failed Sentient Anticounter

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Concept: Sectolyst, being based upon Sentient technology, was supposed to be able to adapt and counter their abilities to control Orokin technology, and it worked...for a time. When the sentients tried to assert their control upon it, its own sentient systems would adapt and counter, allowing Sectolyst to freely dig into their circuits and rip out their virtual souls. It was for a long time that just seeing the warframe on the battlefield would cause even the Sentients to cower, but they would overcome this trial, as they always had before. It was their purpose. They were designed for it, and they were older.

Like all things used by the arrogant and tiresome Orokin, Sectolyst eventually turned on its masters. Because of the technology used in its conception, they had no way of reasserting control over its systems, so it went on killing sprees, and all Sectolysts captured were destroyed and their blueprints burned. Of course, the Sentients weren't going to let such a thing happen, but the mimics they used in their infiltration to recover the blueprints never made it back to Hunhow. Recovered records of the time only describe baseless rumors, but a lone Sectolyst is said to have once again turned and started destroying Sentients again. It is the only lead as to how the pieces of its making were scattered in the solar system. No recovered data relates to the alleged Sectolyst.

Theories abide that Sectolyst was the last attempt in the Orokin war to fight the Sentients before delving into the aspects of the Tenno and spreading out from there. It is possible that, with the awakening of the Tenno, that whatever controls their Warframes could render Sectolyst immune to any threats the Sentients will bring forth and become a pivotal piece in the new war against the returning machines. It could help us see the resources and worlds they have discovered, but perhaps...that is too much to hope for. Only time will tell if ever it returns.

The One That Changed: As attested by the rumors, the existence of a Sectolyst that turned a second time cannot be proven. However, there are traces of Sectolyst battles throughout the system. On Earth, one can find several fossilized sentient remains. Due to their state, extraction of their components and study of their functions cannot be performed, but some sentient remains have been found that exert no absorption into the environment. They bare energy scars of a mixture of sentient and orokin energy, implying that it was possibly Sectolyst that destroyed them. That being said, these remains are much 'younger' than the fossilized sentients, and these traits are only shared by the remains of these orokin machines stuck within the ice of Pluto.

Additionally within the derelicts, free from the infestation and unchecked plannt growth, are remains of an unknown sentient model. Either it is that of a model as yet unseen, or pieces of other Sectolysts. It remains impossible to determine as the pieces exude no dissimilarities from other damage sentient models encased in ice.

It remains impossible to determine of the sectolyst mentioned truly exists, but if it does, it is likely that it somehow achieved sapience instead of just sentience.

Design: Lauded as a great threat and a mold of Orokin, early Warframe technology, and standard Sentient design, Sectolyst is a very strange suit of war. Its left breast is missing, displaying only a hole with golden trims within its surface. Its arms are not connected to its body. Rather, they float next to the shoulders, akin to Mag. The upper arms are very thin, pole-like shapes separated from the forearm by rotating golden orbs of Orokin design and possess intricate patterns on their surface because of it. The fore-arms are fleshy, infested pieces from which two long cloths hang. The hands -separated at the wrists by another sphere- are solid pieces of metal with the knuckles and finger tips baring a much darker color than the whites of the fingers and hands. Its helmet is crowned by four pikes perpetually glowing with the quiet hum of Sentient-Orokin energy within its body while its face is a single, smooth surface of metal upon which is etched the symbol of the Sentients. Reasons for this symbol are unknown. Perhaps it was the idea of irony by the Orokin, or the Sentients modified the design when they captured the plans. This implies that they may have manipulated the original designs as well.

His body follows the same patterns as the Sentients, with several 'waves' of armor rising from the center and gradually ebbing and flattening upon the sides. Between the metallic waves are smooth bands of armor with small bits of gold dispersed upon their surface. The upper legs are thick masses of infested tissue wrapped in sentient armor imitating the main body 'folds'. However, much like the arms, they are separated from the lower-legs by Orokin golden spheres. The lower legs are golden stilts standing from the inverted 'knees'.

Idle Animation: The lights on Sectolyst's pikes will start to flicker faster and faster until they match the pattern of the Sentient singing that the warframe makes.


200 health/ 550 max

300 shields / 600 max

50 armor

100 energy/ 155 max

Speed: 1.00


Passive: Acquired Ability: Sectolyst will gain a damage resistance boost to any attacks upon it upwards of 50% damage resistance. If it is not attacked by that same status damaging attacks within three seconds, it loses its resistance to that damage type built up to that point.


1. First Defiance: A loud scream comes from Sectolyst, engulfing its allies and enemies in a 2/3/4/ meter radius. Enemies are stunned for a moment and lose damage resistance to the weapons and status effects of any nearby allies for 5/7/8/10 seconds with 10/15/18/23% damage resistance loss. 30 energy cost.

Denies Sentients of any resistances they've developed.

Augment: Staging Point. Allies affected by First Defiance will get a damage boost of 5%/30% (max) for five seconds.

2. Second View: Sectolyst scares nearby enemies by causing them to hallucinate after hearing a high-pitched shriek. They think Sectolyst is a sentient and aim at the warframe instead, helping build up their resistances and diminishing their damage by 15/20/23/28% in addition. This affects 7/10/13/18 enemies total in an eight meter radius. 60 energy

Sentients don't attack Sectolyst, view allied frames as Sentients as well, and will become confused when they are attacked.

Augment: Real Fear: The fear brought by the affected enemies causes a fake sentient of any class(except Eidolons) to appear for 15-45 seconds to aid the warframes. Sentient's power is 5 levels above the current possible max.

3. Third Affinity: Using its sentient essence, Sectolyst emits a soothing song that partially takes over allied warframes and accelerates their speed by .5/.6/.8/1.0. Their infested flesh also activates to the song, increasing armor by 200/250/300/350 points and boosting health by 200/300/400/500 health for 10/12/14/18 seconds. Overhealth will only be equal to the amount of health remaining on a frame. If a frame is max health, they will benefit from the overheal at its max. Otherwise, the ally is only healed first and then gets the overhealth. 80 energy

Sentients become inert for 10 seconds.

Augment: Remnant Tale: Echo-lures are left behind Sectolyst when it uses this ability. Can only be happen once until the lure ends. The lure attracts enemies towards it for 5 seconds and lasts 15. New enemies will still go to it while those already affected by the lure do not.

4. Fourth Remedy: Sectolyst uses its combined Orokin-Sentient essence and emits a perpetual song from its body. Allies see all their warframe traits boosted by 10/12/14/16% and receive resistance to any damage for 20%. Enemy technology gets taken under the control of the Sectolyst, allowing it to mess with their technological potential. Grineer and Corpus weapons have a 50% chance to malfunction, and robotic elements like turrets and Moa have a 5% chance to be temporarily converted into an ally. The Orokin-Infested aspect of Sectolysts causes infested to be slowed by 30%, take 10% increased damage due to their destabilized bodies, and lose the abilities their bodies provide. (Ancients can no longer tether you nor use their poison or healing). Lasts 15/20/23/26 seconds. 110 energy.

Sentients are reminded of Sectolyst and attempt to flee the warframe and its allies but find their bodies refuse to cooperate. Their speed is also reduced by 30%, and they lose their resistance build up.

Augment: Thundering Applause: Creates a shockwave that takes away 30 energy to happen. Causes 200 damage to enemies 2 meters from Sectolyst and pushes them back without knocking them down.


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Is it still possible for this to become a thing even with Revenant? Considering that both are sentient-tech based but vastly different. Whereas Revenant is based off of the Eidolons and is meant for pure warfare; Sectolyst is a mix of Orokin, Sentient, and Infested bio-tech meant for support and weakening enemies.

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17 hours ago, (PS4)dreamsintime said:

This Is wild and I think this frame would be great for the upcoming new war and whatever it has to bring

Thanks a lot.

I was kinda disheartened hen I learned about Revenant, but he's just based off of the Endolysts when I want Sectolyst to be really a mix of Sentient, Orokin, and Infested tech.

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hace 1 hora, Crimsonblack dijo:

Thanks a lot.

I was kinda disheartened hen I learned about Revenant, but he's just based off of the Endolysts when I want Sectolyst to be really a mix of Sentient, Orokin, and Infested tech.

Revenant isnt really a sentient frame but an Eidolon frame, so you are golden


I like the idea of a buff based tank-ish frame. Personally I prefer a little more interaction, but I could see this being a thing. Lore is cool and fitting.


Not much too say, its pretty cool.

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