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Poor internet connection and Kuva missions

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This one is pretty much directed at DE. I have an incredibly poor internet connection which results in frequent disconnects and other oddities surrounding missions some missions and mechanics. As such I'm hoping some of the insight I can provide can help prevent exploits revolving them.

Today, I have experienced two issues. One, and one I experience quite frequently, is the Kuva node not going away after the first run, allowing me to run it twice. This allows me to run two floods in a row to "double dip" on rewards. I'm assuming this is because my client hasn't told the server that I've run the mission yet. This only happens when my connection is incredibly slow.

Two, I was in the midst of re-rolling a riven, and disconnected (of course due to connection) while I did so. I'm not positive, but when I logged back in, it registered that I had rolled and asked me which of the two rolls I would like to keep. However, I do not believe I was charged the kuva for the roll. This may just be a case of me miscounting how much kuva I had left however.

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