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Damage Not Showing When Not Hosting.


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I've been playing warframe for a few months now, but have never actually noticed it much until recently, now that I am using the hek with multishot. When I play solo or host the game, the hek will put out a large amount of numbers when hitting an enemy. But when my friend hosts or I join a game, the hek will still kill the unit in one hit but not show any of the numbers or show a few random numbers. It seems to be actually inflicting most of the damage to the unit(at times it seems like the damage isn't inflicted either), but not recording the damage. Recently, I've noticed this happening more frequently. 


Of course, this bug doesn't actually lower my effectiveness in runs, but it bothers me when I have over 2/3s the kills and 6% of the damage and 1 hit something with full life and see only the "death numbers"(the number that comes out when the unit dies) and a single 3 dmg pop out. This damage not showing up bug is a quite annoying, please, if possible fix this.


Also, I would really like for the mission complete screen to be more detailed and accurate and so I can actually get an idea of where I am at after running a mission.


Thank you for your time, let me know if others are also having this issue, hopefully I'm not the only one.

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