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Defense Rewards


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While defense rewards have been slightly improved, their is still a chance that you get to wave 30 and receive a hellfire, not the most exciting reward. The problem is it is all rng and the max level of rewards is reached very quickly.


My idea is to add two options for rewards, one is the same thing we have now, a random mod from a tier based on the level of enemies, except remove fusion cores from the pot. Adding more tiers would be nice but no necessary.


The second would be a fusion core and the rank of the fusion core would increase every five waves, so say you get to wave 30 and the game drops a cruddy mod on you, you still get a decent fusion core for your work



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if ppl still complain about current rewards on defense....if u dont like hellfire on wave 30 than go to 35...defense rewards are super ok now


Why? Why make the challenge of the game beating the RNG, instead of defeating the mobs.


Make ultra rare mods only at wave 50 or beyond, I don't care. Put them at 150 for all I care. Give me something nearly impossible to work towards.


Just don't give me trash after I've completed your hardest content, ever.

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