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Show Room Messages In Ui When In The Room


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Hi there, devs,

what do you think about showing room messages directly in the UI, when player is in the room with written message (see fig. 1 and 2 below).

This shouldn't be hard to implement actually and it would make messages more useful.

This is just a basic idea, nothing fancy, I used the already implemented text space for some rooms (and added another if the room does have it's title), yet there is room for text written on displays directly in the rooms or at each door so we know, where it takes us, etc.

EDIT: Allow us to add "display" decorations, which can contain messages.


Fig. 1



Fig. 2



Talking about this stupid room... https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/94545-make-oracle-actually-usefull-ie-research-hub/

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So we got an update here... I think the screenshot is self-descriptive...

It's nice to know somebody cares, but I assumed that these messages are to be noticed and read, right?

In that case it falls flat, because it is located only in one place in the room and it's small and hard to read.



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The old tileset had that feature and new had it in the starting hall only (bug I assume), yeah noticed that they fixed em, and yeah no one reads them, I told people in what order to donate to some decorations and not to donate to some that are bugged and I can't destroy atm, did anyone read it? Nope.

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