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Mod-Able Music.


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Obviously asking a company to completely redo all their music is unreasonable. The easiest way to please everyone is to make the music files modifiable. Have them in the directory with easy to recognize names like "Grineer ship battle" or "Corpus station ambient 1" or whatever, and then make it so the players can put their own songs, rename the files to the song they want it to replace, and then the patcher doesn't recognize those files as being altered and won't rewrite them every time you start the game. It also is a huge improvement over just turning off the music and playing your own on an mp3 player because it saves RAM by not having an mp3 player running, AND it lets you set your own music queues like having a different song play during battles than while you're sneaking around.

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I don't understand why DE or other devs don't understand how important music is. No matter how good the gameplay is or how good looking the environment is, it will be the music that brings the soul in the game. I think this game has like 5 tracks or less and most go unused entirely.


They should do it like in PSO with ambient music and battle music being separate but similar.


Example my favourite place jungle from PSO ep2.


This is out of battle music: 


And battle music in same area: 



They already kind of have the same system but it needs more music desperately. Music can entirely make or break a game.

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