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Stalker Needs To Be Redone


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The stalker does not only need an overhaul when it comes to him "beeing scary" but also needs a huge boost in dmg or something to make him stronger, he is a bad joke when he spawns in a MP match. And even solo he just gets obliterated in 10 sec with most of the weapons.

Here is something I just thought of: How about a mechanic for him? He can only be damaged while he is visible and he has a certain window where he goes visible to fire with his weapons. For the rest of the time he is invisible (and either can't be damaged at all or has like 80% resistances at max lvl  to everything and immunity to cc) furthermore while he is invisible he only uses his meele attack, he gets visible for a short period of time, maybe 1-2 sec once he tries to hit the player he is targeting and this pattern could repeat a few times.Alternatively the invisibility could break close to the time when the meele actually hits. It would make the Stalker more challenging and get rid of the feel "Meh third taunt, come here and die so I can continue the mission".

Those mechanics could be used after he reaces a certain lvl or just make the dmg reduction or time before his strike hits scale with his lvl so low lvl players won't get crushed by him. Another option would be, to only make him this strong during certain missions (void, derelic, or nightmare).

Obviously they are just something that came to my mind when thinking about the stalker, I am sure a lot of ppl could think of more ways to make him stronger and intimidating. I'd like to hear what u guys think, if this is a bit over the top or w/e u would do to make him more fun.

I like that idea, but i think it is enough to fight him with all lights off, without you even knowing where he comes from. He wont get destroyed in seconds, because you wont know where he is, and where to shoot, and he will keep moving quickly, so even if you find him, you will lose him from sight right after.

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