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Loki's Switch Teleport Idea


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I was playing around with Loki, and thinking that his Switch Teleport should be able to switch with explosive barrels.


You're swarmed by Grineer, and there's an explosive barrel in range of the ability. You switch with it, and explode it from a distance.


It would be a great strategy and make Loki a lot more fun.



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Maybe make it so that enemies don't notice that you've teleported away for a second or so after it's happened, kinda like how your teammates will take about a second or so to realize that there's a Grineer Commander standing exactly where you just were.

So you switch with something, and they continue shooting at it (be it one of their teammates, an explosive barrel, or, if you're an &#!, one of your own teammates) until they realize that it's not you, then proceed from there.



Also, being able to switch places with teammates through walls and floors would be really, really nice. I mean, you can already see their blue outlines, might as well make them clickable.

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