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Hotfix 9.6.1


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Hotfix 9.6.1


  • Arid Fear Dojo Trophy Recipes have now been distributed to the top clans from the past event! Congrats!
  • Added new visual effect while Blessing is active
  • Added visual effects to several idle animations
  • Integrated text translations for various languages


  • Updated reload sound effects for Snipetron, Snipetron Vandal, and Torid
  • Updated visual effects for Dera muzzle flash
  • Improved visual effects for Flux beam
  • Switched Radial Blind's color back to white with some tinges of energy color
  • Removed inconveniently-placed loot crates that were thwarting Kril's plans for Tenno domination
  • Nyx's Chaos now only stuns bosses, not make them murder their subordinates


  • Fixed energy colors not being applied to Trinity's Link
  • Fixed Link beam occasionally attaching itself to nothing in particular
  • Fixed Volt Speed not being affected by power duration mods for clients
  • Fixed Rhino Stomp being "In Use" on the client even though it didn't affect any enemies
  • Fixed energy colors not being applied to Tesla
  • Fixed sentinels sometimes dropping items on death
  • Fixed "Cannot use in Air" message appearing indefinitely if player jumped and used a power right away
  • Fixed Raptor missiles following invisible targets
  • Fixed energy colors not being applied to Vortex
  • Fixed Nova being launched into orbit if she casts Molecular Prime right as she jumps
  • Fixed Drop disappearing on clients after fusing it past level 1
  • Fixed energy colors not being applied to Drop
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