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Need Help To Get Frost Parts



Hi, I need help farming frost blueprints.I don't have any of his parts I can not get a good farming party going because nobody goes to exta,ceres. I have the mission unlocked need all I need is people willing to join me. If you can help please add me or send me a message. My in game name is CloneWarsrulz.

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Eh. Ask in game on the recruiting channel then.

This forum is sort of for technical and game related help, not a place to find buddies to run missions with.

Are you sure about that? I have seen lots of people looking for in game help here  about farming, where is the best place to get resources etc. And I have tried recruiting many times. No one answers, they all want void missions so my comments get lost with the amount of people recruiting or trying to get in voids.

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