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Despair And Me, Rng


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So, I've played this game awhile, more than awhile even, and I've come to the conclusion that the stalker has great disdain for me, long story short I've gotten everything he drops except the almighty despair.


Think it's worth buying the bundle just to get despair even though I have Hate, and Dread already? (and smoke colors)


I've just killed stalker for the 67th time (not hyperbole) and no despair YET.

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Hell no.

800 plat for one weapon?


800 plat is barely worth it for every weapon in the Tenno Arsenal...


Do not waist your money, you will look down on yourself. One day, my friend, it will come.

Thanks man, I know, I just needed someone else to tell me that.

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I fought him at least 30 times b4 Despair dropped. I had it, maxed it, potatoed it, and then a week later, finished farming 1000 @(*()$ Plastids to get the Acrid. Never looked back. 


Acrid>Despair>Hikou>Kunai. Go for the Acrid if you have the materials and mastery rank. 

Otherwise, good luck with RNG.

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