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I Don't Know If This Is Just Me Or...


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Okay, everyone who's been playing for a while (or if you're one of the new players who's unlucky enough to get it) know about the melee button or the weapon shooting button bugging and not working, therefore even when you press it nothing happens.

That isn't much of a hassle, people can still finish the stage without one of the weapons.

BUT what's been happening recently with me, is the WASD not working. Or rather, it works, and a few seconds later stops working, then it works again.

I press it until the character walks like a millimeter, then he stops, then I have to press it again and sometimes it's still not working. What's funny is that the rest of the environment is still functional so I die easily while this is happening.

I can deal with the weapons button bugging, but the movement?

I just got a new keyboard the other day, so I don't think the problem is with it... ):

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I've had it several times as well. The melee key or firing key will lock up and be inaccissible. Sometimes it works again when I unplug and replug in my mouse or keyboard, sometimes not. It seems to have gotten better once I unplugged my mouse from a usb hub and plugged it in directly to a computer. 

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