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Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

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So I just first want to say thanks for the awesome Tennocon this year. I had a blast and I was surprised how much bigger it's gotten from last year. Can't wait to come back next year!

Anyways I do have a couple questions:

1: What happened to the Kingpin system? Hopefully it's still coming as it seemed like it'd be a fantastic system for clans. I also think it could work amazingly with the open world areas and as well the upcoming Railjack expansion. I just imagine assaulting a Kingpin's ship in space to then board it and assassinate them.

2: Will the player ships in Railjack be owned by players individually or will they be tied to a clan?

3: Can we customize the player ships in Railjack? Like visually or with mods/upgrades.

4: Any news on the updated daily login system? 

5: Will the Revenant and Garuda warframes be released alongside Fortuna or will they be a separate update?

6: Will other Warframes get an Umbra version?

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The frequent, blinking Convergence orb induces headaches and migraines, making Lens’d frames annoying to play when not farming Focus. Might we see a means to distill Focus Lenses when they’re not in use, or at least to toggle Convergence procs off? Or possibly a rework to Focus to remove Convergence altogether?

Presently if a Sentinel or Companion dies, the only way to bring it back is to die and spend a self-Revive. Could we perhaps see an alternate means to forcibly revive them mid-mission, such as a consumable?

Is there any concern that Warframe ability kits are becoming too complex? Important facets of frames like Limbo, Oberon, Saryn, etc. are not mentioned in-game, and many players who missed the patch notes still don't even know to roll to cancel Banish or use Freeze to pop Snow Globe.

Since Steve discussed addressing “mandatory” mods like Serration and multishot, you’ve added Primed Point Blank, Primed Pressure Point and Riven mods to the game, which reinforce the current system. Have you officially gone back on plans to address these mods in Damage 3.0?

Players allied with New Loka/Perrin Sequence have no means to obtain the Large Shield Restore blueprint, even though all four Large Restore blueprints are available to allies of Cephalon Suda/Arbiters of Hexis. Might we see this playing field leveled out in the future?

While it is understandable why entering a Conduit in Sanctuary Onslaught resets abilities and energy, why does it not also reset things like ammo, health or fallen companions?

With the influx of new players from recent events, are there any plans in place to hide or mask Spoiler Mode from players who haven't completed The Second Dream yet?

Akvasto Prime: When?

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The first Devstream since TennoCon!

TennoCon/TennoLive question: Will Railjacked or Fortuna launch with an operation? Leaderboard operations are great for clan content and create a sense of cooperation and team cohesion to challenge others in a healthy way.

Unrelated question to TennoCon/Tennolive: Will players be able to see the Relay Reconstruction Operation or more Tactical Alerts? We have not seen a Tactical Alert in almost 2 years, and the last leaderboard Operation (Ambulas Reborn) was a year ago.

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How many K-drive variations will there be and will we be able to mod them? Also when will that relay rebuilding event happen so i can get those skins? Thank you.

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Will K-drives have infinite charges and be re-summonable anywhere or will they be like Archwings and we have to grind for the parts to summon them constantly?

Will we be able to use the archwing in this new area?

Do the Ostrons and Fortunians know each other/know about each other?

Will Vlad and Garuda be quest frames? (please?) 

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1. The Gunsen have a unique appearance, but sadly Slicing Feathers currently force them to be obsolete dual swords/daggers. What are Geoffs thoughts on using the current Slicing Feather animations for dual daggers/swords and using the Gunsen as a guinea pig for the Chakram/Dual Glaive weapon class?

2. Will infested weaponry ever get variants? Will we ever get an Infested Archwing?

3. Do you expect to continue creating Umbra Warframes?



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Kinda Premature but.... Fortuna when? 

Progress on replayable missions? 

More Umbras/polarities?

Damage 3.0? What happened? 


We're in a content drought here. Even replayable missions would help.

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What will happen to the Channeling Visual effects (specifically on Prime Accessories Armors) when Channeling is gone in Melee 3.0? Channeling itself is weak, but the effects are cool. Are we just going to lose that?

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are you going to talk at all on upcoming melee changes or will that be released with Fortuna also?

Is there going to be a summer sale this year? seems past time it would have usually hit

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so last time the Prime Vault (Ember/Frost/Loki) went for 2 months due to the delay of their release iirc.

Will you return to have the Vault ongoing for one month again or can we expect 2 months again in future Vaults too? Of course i would be for the latter one although i could understand why you'd return to one month.

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When next Double Resource Weekend? Last one was more than 1 year ago.

How about: 

  • new Clan management system;
  • fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
  • more flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system;
  • stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
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If/when will Primed Chamber make a return to the game? I asked this question last Devstream and it felt like the answer was dodged in favor of giving one out instead despite being read live. Can we get a clear answer on the status of this mod and whether or not it will return?

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In no particular order:

After the Saya's vigil quest, Saya just kinda awkwardly stands next to Konzu, can she offer some dialogue or services?
For example selling stolen Dargyn for credits to wait for us next time we walk out the Cetus gate?

Solo mode in the Plains doesn't pause like it does in normal missions, and plans to change that?

What can you share of the Scythe -> Heavy Blade conversion?

How's the melee rework coming along?

How's the pet rework coming along?

What happened to the sentient arm-cannon thing?

Damage 3.0 is shelved for the moment, but can we have a balance pass of old mods that are currently worthless?
Such as the regular status and physical damage mods.

It's been a long time since we've had a warframe lore entry in the codex, any plans for more?

It's been a long time since we've had a Simaris target for a lore entry, any plans for more?

Will you add bonus mission objectives for bonus loot, like the cache search from sabotage, to other mission types?

The conclave rewards certain types of kills with bonus affinity, things like headshots, slide kills, comboing weapons and so on, have you considered adding something like that to PvE?
That once per mission side objective is a bit lackluster.

Will the Corrupted ever get their own weapon models, instead of reusing the Dera and Strun?
If they do, will we have access to their weapons?

In the codex some enemies have awesome panoramas while some are just an NPC idling in an empty room, can we get more panoramas please?

Any plans for introducing Void Spy? I really like breaking into vaults.

Long, long ago, Marelok was supposed to come out as a dual wield weapon, but due to some animation problems it was released as a single weapon, have those problems been resolved?
Will we ever get a Twin Marelok?

The accuracy stat in the arsenal is somewhat misleading, even deceptive at times. Can we have a clarification on what it means?

For those that maxed out their focus trees and have no interest in gaining focus anymore, can we have an option of removing, maybe even destroying without replacing, installed focus lenses?

With modular weapons like Zaws and the upcoming Kitguns, would it be possible to update the system so before gilding it is possible to change individual components or dismantle it fully?

Will Sunday Steve be coming back?

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