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Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

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Will there be new Events/Operations soon? Will some Operations be repeated?

Are Kit Guns created like Zaws, or made differently?

Will there be new Quests with Fortuna's release?

Do you lift? Or do we all lift together?


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Just a few questions:

1. Umbra variants for other Warframes? And if so, how will these differ to the primes or original Warframes?

2. 2x event weekend? With it being over a year now since the last one will we be getting one anytime soon? If so, could we please get a 2x resource booster for the Kuva grind? It would be much appreciated.

3. Really random, in terms of the story, is the stalker dead? Or has he taken Hunhow's and used it for himself? Or is he just continuously hunting us as if nothing changed?

4. With the Railjack update coming soon and if Archwings are going to be used for this, will the movement system be changed for them? In my opinion, I don't enjoy how the Archwings fly around as they are locked in one direction as they fly, making it look a little goofy.

5. Next and/or new Events/ Tactile Alerts? Been a while since we also had an event and I understand with how much work all of you are putting into these updates it may be difficult to give us one right now but even another plague star event I think would be very appreciated.

6. Unvaultings. More and more people are now starting to play Warframe and will not have been here in the early days when all the Prime Warframes were accessible, this leads to them not being able to get them without the use of platinum and may cause them to stop playing due to them having to "Pay To Win". Can we have the prime vault open a bit more regularly to help out those how are unable to get the Warframes that they would like? I understand the reasoning behind the time frame of these unvaultings but it does leave certain players locked away from Warframes until they return a year or two later.

Anyway, thank you for evolving Warframe into the game it is today and for making it available for free. We really don't deserve it but thank you.    

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Question list:



-Status on Revenant and his weapons. Specifically, what do you mean by lasers?
-Would you like to have a look at this Chroma Revisit concept?


This is Chroma, an ancient legend, master of the elements.

When all the land is in ruins, Tenno, only Chroma will remain. - The Lotus, Chroma's Warframe Profile.

Passive: Sentient Adaptation (or Pelt's Affinity).

-While pelt is equipped, gain stacking resistances to 1 damage type and become immune to that type's proc until another damage type surpasses it.

// I felt that DE had 'broken' Chroma by making him unable to withstand the damage he required to retaliate in kind, especially in higher missions and especially against Sentients; his legend, by definition, is that he is a Sentient hunter; a bane of Sentients by using their own corpses as weapons and armour.


Spectral Scream:

-Tap to scream at the enemy, causing them to be stunned and exposed to elemental damage which is multiplied from all sources.

-Hold to enter/exit Spectral Scream:

--Weapon fire key causes Chroma to exhale his currently chosen element. Has Condition Overload built into it and damage increases as long as Chroma is dealing damage via a combo counter which will degrade when damage isn't being dealt (the lifespan of this combo counter can be increased by duration mods).

--Tapping will scream again, like before. The 'stun scream' duration increases with duration and strength mods.

--Aimgliding is infinite and unaffected by gravity, but sustaining it beyond the natural duration will drain Chroma's energy to keep the wings active.

--Melee key will buffet the enemy, knocking them back, down, and ragdolling them at 10 energy per buffet.

// Spectral Scream right now is a waste of energy on enemies over level 5. No matter how you build it, it does no damage. That is why I'm not only giving it a way to allow it to deal more damage, but also enable it to actually be used in lieu of weapons. In addition, it strengthens his draconian vibe and adds meaning for those who obtained him after enduring Kela De Thaym and everything else in-between. He's essentially the Star Chart Progression reward for reaching Sedna, and thus he should befit his status.


Elemental Ward:

-Recasting while active increases range (for it's duration; the range slowly shrinks back to it's normal/modified range, like Ember's ult) and heals Chroma and his allies.

-Allies who leave Elemental Ward and Vex Armor’s auras gradually lose the buffs, instead of losing them abruptly. This would give duration Chroma builds a secondary reason to build for duration, or another reason for the Everlasting Ward augment’s use; a choice.

-Holding will cause Chroma to swap to the next element, and his energy colour can be customized on all 4 elements, however Chroma will be self-nullified, and all energy spent will be refunded; abilities will not work for a second.

Elemental choices would now have more effect, providing some resistance to the chosen element as well as a buff specific to that element:

Fire: More health, additional fire damage on all attacks which will always proc.

Electricity: More shields, shields recharge from dealing damage and recharge faster.

Cold: More armour, Spectral Scream will immobilize enemies instantly, but won't stop them from shooting until the full cold proc occurs.

Toxin: Increased overall speed, parkour included, as well as faster attack and reload speeds.

// Chroma, for himself and team, deserve a means to be healed by the one who's trying to get all the enemies to shoot them. To that end, I'd give Elemental Ward the power to heal all within it's range for a percent of their health/shields, giving him another direction to build for. The holding element is to preserve his ability to adapt and overcome Sentient damage resistances and adapt to team requirements by swapping element, at the cost of being unable to cast any other abilities while swapping is in progress, and that takes as long as it would take anyone to swap out an elemental mod with a controller cursor without using the D-pad on an empty build.


Vex Armor:

-Recasting increases the maximum buff and refreshes shields. If shields are maxed, double them; trying to re-double shields is impossible.

-If Chroma took no damage while this power was active when it's duration ends, he gets refunded the energy. If it was a refresh, he gets no refunds.

// Chroma needs a reason to sustain Vex Armor and keep it up continuously. This result gives him a reason to keep Vex Armor active when in combat situations, and to refresh it often when the damage limits on his buff are reached. Not to mention that he has very low shields in general, making it hard to equalize and maximize for both damage and endurance.



-Hold to deploy as before.

-Chroma cannot enter Spectral Scream's weapon mode while the pelt is deployed, and will not change element until the pelt is reunited with him.

-Tap to cause it to scream. Screams from the pelt are free, but have a small cooldown. This key would be relied on to give the pelt directions when the appropriate augment is equipped.

-Using Elemental Switch will not affect Chroma himself while the Pelt is deployed; the pelt instead changes element.

-Pelt damage ramps up as it receives damage.

-Pelt can be interacted with to allow it to follow Chroma, but this will drain more energy than just recalling and redeploying it; this isn't the same as the augment that gives Chroma command over the Pelt like how a Hunter can tell their pet to attack a specific target or go to a specific location.

-Hold to retrieve.

-During the anim-lock state, Chroma's pelt would teleport to him and position itself so it can begin to gradually rebind itself to Chroma in a half-ragdolled procedural animation which happens very quickly, but elegantly.

-While the Effigy is not upon Chroma, Chroma will forgo screaming and enter a new weapon mode in lieu of Spectral Scream and it's benefits - firing a pair of firebeams like how Ember could toss fireballs.

// The cons of deploying the Pelt were never made clear beyond 'less armour'. This time, as it should be, Chroma would be unable to fully employ Spectral Scream. However, I am considering swapping the 'no weapon mode' for 'throw charged firebeams', as to give Chroma a subtle nod to Ember, due to the way he looks without the pelt on him.

If you look at this overall: 
-his Adaptation passive and stackable Vex Armor limit result in a naturally induced form of diminishing returns.
-his 1 now has a sense of progression (each level introduces the learning curve; unranked is when he just screams, rank 1 allows him to enter it and breathe elements at people, rank 2 unlocks the buffetting 'melee', rank 3 unlocks infinite aimgliding at cost of energy drain).
-this would restore Chroma and give him additional utility for solo and team play, allowing him to excel as a support tank hybrid in a manner akin to Oberon and Nidus.

Nidus/Volt related:
-Nidus is the prime example of a successful 'weaponframe' where the Warframe itself IS the weapon. Volt, since his description literally implies that he is an 'alternative to gunplay', should follow a similar functionality principle, in my opinion; how would you achieve this without having to rework him and replace his abilities entirely?

-Where is Ballas' great-nikana?
-Sentient dropship, quadruped, flydolon, armcannons, reverse-engineered weapon arms (i.e: Concu staff, Batta dual-burst rifle, Mimic beam/auto hybrid weapon) where?
-Corpus vehicles? What types? Will we have some variety (like that Mass Effect MAKO-like vehicle. to a dropship)?
-Plains of Eidolon Landscape expansion - as in, more Grineer vehicles besides just Dargyn variants?
-Archwing enemy remodelling/rework in light of Railjack?
-Will Archwing get what it deserves, due to Steve's devotion to Railjack over Natah?
-Will we ever get silent javelins (arrows, but bigger, but no bow involved)?
-Can we stop getting dual swords*, since this weapon class is more diluted than single swords? Where's the love for literally every other weapon type besides dual/single swords?!
*Condition will only change when all other melee types surpass Dual Swords in amount of weapons and stances, per melee type (not combined).
-Will we be able to swap stances between weapons (i.e: swords using rapier stances; heavy blades using nodachi stances; hammers using heavy blade stances; staves using polearm stances)? This would add much needed variety to melees as most of the stances are very old and clunky.
-What does Melee 3.0 look like right now? What has changed? Is channeling and combo counter damage multiplier staying now?
-Will each Eidolon Fragment (the huge ones) get unique sounds, as was suggested by the Shrines of Eidolon trailer?
-Will the Corrupted use their old voicelines mixed with their new ones as to not sound like common enemies? It's not hard to misidentify them, especially the Heavy Gunners.
-Will the Corrupted finally use Prime weapons over everything else?
-Will the Corrupted get their own unique units? They don't have any unique units besides a disguised Osprey.



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With a lot of people talking about putting the umbral mods on warframes other than Umbral Excal I was wondering if this was intentional to begin with? If so, will we get a way to make formaing warframes for these mods easier or are you planning on restricting the easy umbral slots to only umbral frames (if they do come)?

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Plains are going to be updated like Fortuna?

Like not having to go back to Cetus to take another bounty?

Can we use the hoverboard in Plains too?

What we get from rescuing animal on Fortuna apart for standing?

Is Fortuna easier on potato PCs? Plains makes my game stuggering, sadly

How Moa companions will serve us? Mix of sentinel and doggo/kitten?

Can Ordis pilot the railjack letting us to go solo?


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For once I have several questions.

* Will we be able to use weapons on the new Hoverboard(K-Drives)?

*Will Nekros get a slight tweak in casting Desecrate and Shadows of the Dead faster? I just want to run Nekros without using Natural Talent mod but CAN'T STAND the slow animation. 

*What progress has been made to the "years delayed" Zephyr Deluxe skin?

*Question/Suggestion Will the Railjack have a "Solo" feature? I was thinking the other Warframes accompanying you can be Ai like how they work in the "Index" but this is just an Idea.

*This I asked before Will be able to dual wield Pistol and Sword?(A Pistol in one hand and the Sword in the other)

*Lastly Are there any Warframe Reworks in "the works"?

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When can we expect Vauban's rework?

When can we expect all of the Deluxe skins shown at Tenno con?

Will the hover board shown at Tenno have unlimited uses or will it be like Archwings in the plains where we have to craft stuff?

Do you have anything to show for melee 3.0?

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Two questions:

1) Instead of the cinematic warp out, can we get a manual "Warp out" button for the Railjack? Preferably one that requires all power from weapons, engines, and shields? That way we have to fight to extraction, and we also have seamless transition out of combat. (Detailed in https://forums.warframe.com/topic/982383-railjack-end-of-mission-suggestions/ )

2) Can Teshin sell rare resources? Like potatoes, Forma, Argon Crystals, Kuva, etc. I think it would be nice for PvE-centric players to get PvE-useful stuff whenever they do drop into Conclave, no matter how little it is, and this seems like the best way to give Conclave something that's both unique to it and not unique to it? (Very long detailed post about this in https://forums.warframe.com/topic/982832-easy-10-minute-fix-to-make-conclave-viable/)

Thanks for taking the time to look at these suggestions, and looking forward to the Devstream!

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Quick spoilers for anybody who hasn't done Apostasy Prologue / The Sacrifice:


Think we'll be able to get someone ELSE in mission control besides Data-Lotus?
After the end of The Sacrifice it feels kind of painful seeing Data-Lotus again for mission control.

Plus, think about it: People like Ordis or Teshin for our mission control.
And, we can just keep Data Lotus for those who want to keep her around.
There's possibility for it, Ordis had unique lines for the Archwing mission(s) during Limbo Theorem.

If you guys haven't considered it, you should! It'd be awesome. (Though, keep it optional for those who prefer Data-Lotus.)

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While I am excited for Fortuna, I think we gotta know if you've anything else in store for us later on, such as:

The Hexis & Meridian quests that still need to be introduced to the game. Plenty of opportunity to expand the lore in smaller ways, especially with these 2 syndicates lacking quests. Heck, throw anything else our way in terms of cosmetics, like armor sets for frames and operators. I gotta show my support to Cressa Tal!

The syndicate assassinations that were interlocked with clan dojos. Haven't seen or heard of it in a while.

That Dark Sector-themed event that was going to introduce more proto-skins for our weapons...Yeah, I'd love to hear more about it.

Reworks for the Sergeant and Phorid. These guys are old school, they need an upgrade!

Any other plans, like operator melee weapons, MORE NOGGLES, or anything else?

Oh...One last thing. About Umbra and the Virtruvian entries. Is Umbra going to be a one-time deal, or will you guys release a series (Limited or otherwise), and when can we view more of those entries?

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Hello everyone,

I have a few and don’t expect all to be answered.

1.       Will there be more Umbra type Warframes or more mods?

2.       Will there be more back story with Ordis through the The old War/The new war?

3.       Will Archwings be accessible through fortuna after the linear progression or just the hoverboards?

4.       Will the Ayatan Sculptures have more use than Decoration or Endo?

5.       Will there be a Stalker background quest in the future?

6.       Will there be any future Archwing work?

7.       Is there or will there be a way to reacquire the Branton Vandal in future?

Thank you for your thoughts and I have been enjoying this awesome ride for roughly six years and will continue to enjoy it.


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Additional questions :)
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I mentioned this in stream to Danielle but are you considering or open to doing more horror missions/Warframe quests like Chains of Harrow or perhaps other themes? Really loved the spooky vibes you pulled off.


Great con DE, can't wait for the new stuff coming this cycle!

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