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Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

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I loved the whole Zaw thing with gathering resources to build the parts then experimenting with them to see what could be created and I am greatly looking forward to Kitguns so I would like to know if there will ever be a possibility of equipping skins to them or is it just not possible due to their unique construction?

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Now that the Sacrifice is out everywhere...

Sacrifice spoilers below:

There are a lot of questions it raised that out Tenno really should have answers for. You can't raise question of sapience, slavery and consent then completely ignore the same issues in all other Warframes.

  • Now that we have both built and pacified Umbra, why was Umbra (and seemingly only Umbra) sapient? The Vitruvian talks about Warframes in general and nothing save Ordis's comment on the "Transference Bolt" being different suggests any functional difference in construction. We have many instances of physical and mental torture mentioned in Warframe construction, so that doesn't seem to be it. Surely post-Alad-V Valkyr would be sapient if that were the case.
  • Are we to take from Ballas' words that all Warframes that our Tenno have build previously are based on a blueprint that has "Already had it's pain taken away" by some other Tenno? If no, how did this happen when our Tenno was completely unaware of even the need, let alone their ability to attempt such a thing.
  • What is the difference between the process we saw for Umbra and our foundry, Obviously we can replicate Warframes, memory and all. But surely that's an important change, from the need to corrupt humans into infested "bio-drones" before constructing a Warframe with them, vs being able to mass produce them. When did that happen? Was it one distinct human per Warframe line, what does this mean for Nova who was supposedly designed by the "Tenno High Council", how did the Tenno design a Warframe if they didn't know they weren't Warframes during the Old War, if some did know then did they consign an innocent to becoming the first Nova, or are we to conclude she was a volunteer?
  • The image the Vitruvian shows when it talks about the early "Bio-drones" doesn't not look like a warframe, so are we to conclude that they only started to look the way we expect a Warframe to look after their use with Tenno? There are some similarities with the "Bio-drone" image and some Deluxe skins (Like the Octavia Maestra Skin) are you implying these are early "bio-drone" designs? Could the same be said for the "Proto" series of skins?

Don't get me wrong, it was a lovely story. but you can't expect our characters to be introduced to the concepts presented without needing much, much more information than DE presented to the player.

You've basically made the creation of a Warframe (Something that is fundamental to core game progression) into a war crime. Without further exposition how is a player with a supposedly moral Tenno character supposed to continue to play the game?

Seriously this is really worrying, please address at least your intent for how Tenno are supposed to feel about non-Umbra warframes.

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when is login system 2.0? 
where is kingpin?
where are darksectors
where is framefighter and will it ever be implemented in the game, along perhaps some other game modes like maybe an SSX style minigame as valid conclave games to get xp for those otherwise wasted skins?

please let there be no more umbra frames. X.X the quest was great but we really dont need more crap to collect, much less an entire set of things (IE wraith dex vandal prime normal mk1 and now umbral? bit much I think..), we need more content to play, that has replay valu and a reason to do for hours on end. perhaps make infinite missions lower the % chance of globally recognized as "unwanted" things in drop tables to make loot better to a max point, allowing you to farm more effectively for those that can?

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I have been thinking about a subject that was mentioned some time ago and i came to the conclusion of what could be done about it to make everyone hhappy. I'm talking about weaponless melee combat. I know you already said that you're not going to do that but what if instead of doing it you just give us an option to disable appearing of gauntlets and sparing weapons when we are using them? Even though we still have them equipped we could see our warframe fighting with bare hands (and feet). This option could be available in the skin changing section.

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king pin system?

proto gun skins? 

new operator hair?

UI rework done when?


clan stuff that aren't dojos?

new stuff?

any new single swords perhaps? would like a status one because there is a real lack of them and when I say lack I mean there is just 1 from what I can recall that being the heat sword with 20% status 😧

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On the upcoming Melee Rework, I've been curious if Nikanas will also be duel wielded when it releases.


Also thank you again for making Sacrifice replayable and new Somachord songs! Amazing work, still makes me shed tears. 🙂

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15 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual suspects Geoff, Steve, Sheldon, and Scott!

What: We’re BACK! TennoCon 2018 has gone down as one of the biggest days in Warframe history… We should probably talk about what we showed! In Devstream #113 we’ll be compiling some of the most asked questions and comments from our TennoCon 2018 day and going through them on Stream! Expect to see more Fortuna, more of the Orb Vallis, and some more Warframe!  

Prizes? Oh yes, Platinum and Prime Access awaits lucky Twitch viewers!

Where: live at twitch.tv/Warframe (among other places)!

When:  Friday, July 20 at 2 p.m ET!  

Please ask your TennoCon/TennoLive related questions here! The thread closes Friday at 10 a.m!


Very good

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1. Can we craft dual kitguns?


2. Any plans to add kitblades later on? 

(Corpus style Zaws.)


3. Will we be able to add some new armor decorations to our moa pets? 

I'm hoping to see some tube like accessories at least.


4. About archwing controls. Can we atleast get option to choose between old and new controls?

(Personally i hate those useless barrelrolls as cool as they are. They re just nuisance to me.)


5. Can you remove or atleast increase archwing flight altitude in freeroam worlds? 50meters is really low, and limiting it doesn't make sense in the first place.

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Few small questions about clans old *work in progress* which were talked about quite a while ago.

- Kingpin system is it still in work or not?

- Clan war rooms and daily missions?

- Any other clan relater QoL updates we could see this year for actual cooperative gameplay...


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Based on the current issues with the Switch rollout of Fortnight (users locked out of PS4) and the current status of logins where all three mediums are separate: 

Will I be able to play on console AND switch with one account “progress” or will they be separate like Xbox, PC and PS4 currently are (basically a fourth separate login)?

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  1. Can we have the railjack interior as our orbitor? that looked super awsome and I really want it as our orbitor interior if possible.
  2. Can we get an update on why does wires hanging from the room of our orbitor?
  3. And when is it going to get fixed? or are we going to get different interior or orbitor?


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I have a question..sorry, if i make mistakes (i'm from Russia)...so...on some primetime you showed us a concept warframe, and modeld it in real time on stream..it's Hennya. I felt in love with this warframe, but since you show it 3D modeling, there is no news or rumors about it...so can you tell, will it be in the game or not? and if yes, so when? 

P.S. I l
ove a consept warframe - Hennya.. I'm waiting for her in game!) 

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49 minutes ago, HunterH said:

Will other Warframes get an Umbra version ?


When is venus coming ?

What about the kingpin system ? We need more clan activitys

Will the railjack thing be a 8-16 man raid ??

Didn't they say in the demo that Railjack will be a 3 player experience?

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Hey, can we have custom reticules in the game, or at least change the colour of the existing one? It's often difficult to discern it from the background or effects appearing on the screen.

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