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Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

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23 hours ago, nerfinator6 said:

Uh what.

5 hours ago, Kusinut said:

lex has never benn vaulted

Huh. Could've sworn it was. My b then.

Even still, Akvasto Prime's been in pretty high demand since Vasto Prime was released, and Vasto Prime won't be in the vault forever.

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Q1: Big Badass Spiders. Is this the Fortuna/Venus version of Eidolons? And if so, do we need to do the "reenter the plains" style like in PoE or it's everywhere and you can just hunt it indefinitely?

Q2: The MOA pet, is this going to be considered companions, sentinels, or an entirely new category? Will it move around the ship or just static like hackable MOAs in corpus tilesets?

Q3: Skates. Will this be like the archwing launcher thingy that's just one time use only? Can it be *stolen* like archwing?

Q4: Railjack, considering the reveal video, solo mode is not an option I assume? Also, will this update be dropped in a single package with Fortuna (because the reveal looks continued from it) or separately? If separately, will this mission be "triggerable" like other missions or is it part of a bigger mission? Like... Solar Rails/Dark Sector exploration?

Or if you guys ambitious, will this be actually a beginning to integrate all warframe? Like, when someone join your party our dropship flies to the host's "Orbiter" ship and then do missions like never before? :v *cough*Star Citizen*cough* Because the "Orbiter" can pick you up from the ground literally without a very long loading screen, this implies quite heavily this is going to be a big feature. I meant, there is no way a feature this big (those animators efforts lol) is just going to be for a single frickin' mission type right?

Q5: Timeline or Roadmap for the release of Fortuna, Railjack, and New War? I assume all of this is going to be released before TennoCon 2019? XD

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Tennocon was really awesome! You guys really did an amazing job and I can’t wait for all the content to drop!


I have two questions:

1) Is there any ETA on Nidus Deluxe that you could share?

2) In light of the events of Sacrifice, would you possibly consider voice packs to stand in for the hologram in regular missions? For example, Teshin, Darvo, Maroo, etc.?  It’d also be really great to get Vitruvian Ordis.



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Hello everyone at DE, thank you for your hard work. Today I have 3 questions:

1st: When can we allow to trade crafted gem stones in large quantity? I made a trade last week with someone buying 40 gems we need 8 trades to finish 😞

2nd: is there any plan to fix some item placement in dojo? The reason is: having been through old and new system, I find the new items are harder to work with. It take more effort to place them properly due to random rotation and inconsistent when they snap into other surfaces. Therefore take a lot of time to re-adjust to the right orientation.

3rd: Is there any plan to add new element to player made obstacle course? For example: long rectangle wall, scale-able wall (both square and rectangle). The reason is I recently make a maze using cube and quickly ran out of slots, while the maze is half-finish.

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Hello De, here are a few questions: 
1°) With K-Drive & echo-lure, more items are coming for our gear-wheel, and I fear that it could further wheel clutter. Do you have any ideas/plans to avoid that?
(wheel slots like we have for appearances and builds, etc.)

2°) Once Fortuna is up & running, will the Plains benefit from their QoL improvements (technical & gameplay-wise)?

3°) With the capture of bases, will there be a spawning mechanic of allies like we see in games like Signal from Tölva?

4°) More dojo related technical things: are there any plans to better the snapping tools? Sometimes it can take forever to snap to identical items perfectly. Also, could it be possible to swap anchor points to place an asset? (for example two sides & center) Sometimes I litterally had to glitch outside a room to place an asset in the room on the side I wanted it to be. 

5°) with the fishing in the plains, the fishtank in the orbiter, the capture of wild animals, and the fact that no new garden has been added in like forever, can we hope for gardens that are or have giant fishtank (around, above, under us) we fill with fishes we commit to our dojo? Or animal havens or some sorts, with rooms that are fit for their life? Or a hanger bay? Also, any plans to add some sort of utilities to existing rooms (like the ability to tie the existing arcade games of Wyrmium & Happy Zephyr to consoles in the dojo?)?

6°) And finally, and most importantly, how do  you like your wafles?

Also, can't wait for Railjack, so I made my own bridge (obviously, still in progress). 




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Common questions, but still worth asking:
1: with the addition of railjack, will Archwing be seeing any changes or improvements? navigation and movement in archwing has been hampered by the conserved momentum from maneuver to maneuver .
2: With the Nintendo Switch now entering the picture, can we please get some cross-platform play? Even if accounts can't be transferred, it would be nice on all sides for PC and console players to be able to interact (even if we on PC had to wait for console certification before new updates arrived).

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1 hour ago, Morkislair said:

giant fishtank (around, above, under us) we fill with fishes we commit to our dojo? 

I love idea about roof/floor fish tank. That would be super awesome, but i want to have it also at my orbiter.

( Not only in the personal quarter, but at any other room in orbiter.) That would be so sweet ❤️

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