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Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

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Hey guys wanted to know if the log in system is still getting a rework also is there any plans for fixing the entrance to poe it bugs out offten either wont load the bounty or just wont let you in at all. Anyway love everything you guys are doing and thank you for everything you've done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is there any chance that the gamma color palette will ever return? I love those muted colors, and would be more than happy to get my hands on them!

Also, is there any possible chance that Hennya will see daylight in warframe in-game? Cause I'd be down for that

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Thank you so much DE for all of the hard work y’all do for your fan base. You surpass what massive million dollar companies do and never ask for anything in return. Thank you for all the amazing work, you are greatly appreciated!

My question has to do with the future of the Plains now that we’ve seen so much amazing stuff coming to Venus. 

1. Will Railjack initially only be available for Venus? Or will we also be able to access it from the Plains and if so how will that work? Fighting Vay Hek in a similar way to fighting Nef Anyo? 

2. Will Railjack only be accessible through open world locations (Plains and Fortuna right now) or will it be made available to all planets even if they don’t have an open world location yet?

3. Since Fortuna is 4 times the size of the Plains will there be an update to expand the size of Plains to match that scale? 

4. Since fishing and mining will be available on Fortuna but it has the unique activity of tracking  and conserving animals, will we see this same activity (or something similar to it) being added to the Plains? An opportunity to capture rather than kill the wildlife on the Plains or perhaps introduce more wildlife. Maybe even make wildlife bosses such as a mutated/evolved bear or lion or vulture, etc

5. Railjack reminds me a whole lot of space battles from Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the original) which was one of my favorite parts of the game so I’m very excited for Railjack. One of the cool features of battlefront was that there were multiple vulnerable points you could attack from both the inside and the outside. So far in the demo we saw that there was one point in the inside to attack and target and allow the Railjack to destroy from the outside. Will you be adding in other points across the ship to attack to weaken the ship (disable shields, temporarily shut down weapons, temporarily stop spawning Corpus interceptors,etc)? And would these points be able to be simultaneously attack from both inside and outside or some only vulnerable from one or the other? This would allow multiple Tenno to be attacking the ship from different spots all at the same time which would be really cool.

6. Bird companions? I believe this was briefly mentioned after Plains came out but haven’t heard anything sense. You have the models and basic animations done already for the wildlife, and you already have the companion accessory vendor in the Plains (who has a bird on his shoulder if I remember correctly) so could we eventually get birds as companions similar to Kubrows and Kavats? Perhaps if you added a conservation system to the Plains it could be a reward? Capture 10 birds and you can keep one? I would live to have a big bird swoop down and terrorize my enemies like a hungry seagull or angry goose! 

7. Similar to the question above would we ever be able to have some of the wildlife we capture on Venus be added as a companion? It would add more of an incentive to help track and capture the creatures. Plus a great way to keep them out of Corpus hands would be for a Tenno to adopt one. Similar to dog rescue organizations where you adopt animals recused from poor homes, adopt a Venus creature that had been captured by the Corpus. 

My main concern is that with so many new things being added to Venus/Fortuna, the Plains will quickly become forgotten and irrelevant. I would love to have the Plains remain cool and unique for something other than hunting Eidilons. Thank you so much again for this amazing and unique universe you have created for us all to enjoy! I know this is a lot of questions and ideas but I trust you all to continue to do such an amazing job with what you’ve created. You continue to go above and beyond any and all expectations!


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Could Forma be remove as a building requirement for Weapons?


From weapons to clan room crafting Forma is indeed a very demanding resource.  And for new players the amount of former the game requires can seem like an impossible task

By removing Forma as a building requirement for Weapons it would reduce the amount of Forma that a player requires.

Thereby helping new and old players to farm Forma at a reasonable, also forward takes 24 hours to build.  So please consider this change

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1: what's the lore behind the railjack ship?

2: How many players will a railjack ship support?

3:  Will we find Def Anyo in Venus ?

4: Will we kill/murder/get rid of Nef anyo as a boss (BTW will we use him as a mod core)?

5: Have you Devs ever tought about a rework in companions systems like breeding when will we be able to take our pet to a friends ship and have our kubrow to breed with the kubrow of our friend & any toughts on visual updates for the fur on the kubrows?

6:Will every frame get an proto skin like excal volt & nyx(nemesis) ? And as we saw in TennoCon nyx will have her own deluxe so will volt/excal get deluxe skin too?


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Is the number of players who get into the game to play solo a concern to the developers? Does it play any relevance on the direction of the game?

If we are gonna have frames with the power level of Saryn 2.5 running around, who are supposed to scale, then why do we even have enemy scaling to begin with?

Has DE made a decision as to whether they want to support the godlike gameplay power fantasy thing or still achieve for balance? Because no matter what you want it to be, having 20 frames balanced against each other and 3 that are meant to be shiny pearls, only means that there are 20 subpar frames on the late game.

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Hi DE, thanks foperators doesn't feel like a powerful ability, is there any plans to make it better in terms of VFX, sound and range after the unairu waybounds?

2. Parasitic eximus units have no visual cue when it's energy drain and no way to find it, can we get an indicator of some kind to show where these things are?

3. When is the next double credit/affinity/resource weekend?

4. Again on operators can we get a buff to the damage on the operator abilities after focus abilities and some UI clarification on how much these do damage wise, for example the focus abilities on the zenurik tree just say a x% increase in damage and with no reference to base this off this can be a bit confusing.


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Additional question.
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1 hour ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Who:  Rebecca is joined by the usual suspects Geoff, Steve, Sheldon, and Scott!

What: We’re BACK! TennoCon 2018 has gone down as one of the biggest days in Warframe history… We should probably talk about what we showed! In Devstream #113 we’ll be compiling some of the most asked questions and comments from our TennoCon 2018 day and going through them on Stream! Expect to see more Fortuna, more of the Orb Vallis, and some more Warframe!  

Prizes? Oh yes, Platinum and Prime Access awaits lucky Twitch viewers!

Where: live at twitch.tv/Warframe (among other places)!

When:  Friday, July 20 at 2 p.m ET!  

Please ask your TennoCon/TennoLive related questions here! The thread closes Friday at 10 a.m!


1.  What's our timeline looking like for content?  Will we be seeing Revenant and his accompanying content first?  Some of the deluxe skins?  Something else we aren't expecting?

2.  With so many deluxe skins in the works, are there any plans to touch up those frames' kits before their release?  My personal priorities right now are Nezha, Wukong, Hydroid, then Chroma.

3.  What happened to login 3.0?

4.  We were told the focus/rep/etc caps were only a temporary fix, but they're seeming pretty permanent at this point.  Any response to that?

5.  Will Railjack's and K-Drive's (I think that's what the hoverboards were called?) be customizeable or will we only have one static version of each?

6.  Shield gating when?

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there are all kinds of questions to be asked, but the one foremost in my mind, ever since the Fortuna reveal.... when will there be a second album of Warframe music for purchase? I already own the first both digitally and on vinyl ^^;

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Are you guys limiting Rail Jack to 4 players? I think you should also put out a mode that has 8 players so that you could expand on the concept, you could have more than one gunner, a couple maybe with objectives in space with archwing and so forth. Sort of a way to get raids back but different.

any information on melee and  pet reworks (univac FTW)

Expected timelines (be vague is you want) for Railjack, Fortuna and, The New War


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Buenos nachos, folkses! Are there any plans on expanding the Zaw system to more weapon types? Specifically, dual weapons such as Dual-Daggers, Dual-Swords, Fist weapons, etc - and if so, can we expect anything similar with the Kit-Guns on Venus?

Thanks thanks ^_^

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Hi DE Team, thank you so much for all the crazy work that went into your prep for Tennocon! Please continue to take my energy! ❤️

Questions for the stream:

1. With the unvaulting of Nyx and Rhino next week, will we be seeing an update to Nyx's abilities soon? If I recall, she was one of the frames tapped for getting a rework to bring her up to speed with the game's current state.

2. Will there be an update to the pet system to go with the new Moa? New mods, maybe a pet-centered item vacuum to make them a viable choice next to sentinels?

Thank you!

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  • How many possible combinations for Kitguns will there be?
  • How many possible combinations for custom MOAs will there be?
  • Will there be another fraction besides Solaris United in Fortuna and if so is it the Quills?
  • I'm afraid to ask but: How many different kinds of "fish", minerals, gems and other new types of resources will we have to grind?
  • Will resource rewards be included in quest rewards, as side rewards (next to the normal rewards) or will they only be acquired through fishing, mining and plundering the Corpus?
  • How many vehicles and what types will be included?
  • Will be be able to build or buy our own vehicle(s) and if so customize, mod and/or deploy them? Are they fixed or another modular assembly?
  • Will there be multi-crew vehicles and if so will they have guns?
  • Any more specific date than "this fall" on when it is set to release?


  • Will railjack ships have a mod/arcane system?
  • Will there be Archwing reworks of any kind?
  • Will railjack be against other fractions (Grineer, Infested, possibly Sentients in the future)?
  • Will railjack be all throughout the Origin system (and maybe later Tau) or only above planets, above certain planets?
  • Will railjack transport us through different sectors or will we exit the mission after the fold only to re-assemble back in our respective orbiters to join the next mission as a squad?
  • Will ship equipment (gun turrets, shields, engines, etc) be exchangeable?
  • Will ships be fixed crafting or modular assembly? 
  • Will there be different methods to sabotage and destroy ships (example: Destroy by big ship multi-laser as shown or disable engines, exterminate all crew and get more loot)?
  • Will ship maps be fixed or modular like normal Warframe maps. If fixed, how large will they be? Can we go all through the ship on every level, from engine room to bridge?
  • Will there be different ship classes/types of the same fraction to attack?
  • Will there there be missions or sectors where multiple ships with Tenno crew can cooperate (or in PVP fight each other)?
  • What level of exploration can we expect (on a scale from every encounter is a fixed mission on the starmap to full solar system exploration and random encounters)?
  • Any more specific date than "this year" on when it is set to release?


  • Will there be Nyx, Wukong, Nezha etc reworks anywhere in the future, especially with Nyx Prime being Unvaulted?
  • Any news on the Kingpin system and if so will it be integrated with Railjack?
  • We will be dual-wielding any one-handed secondary and melee, will we be able to combine any two one-handed melee weapons or secondaries? If so what of akimbo weapons?
  • How far is the melee rework, when is the estimated release?
  • Will there be more Umbra warframes?
    • If so, is the Stalker Ash Umbra (he uses shurikens, teleports, comes into our missions out of and into smoke, etc......!?!?!?!?!)?
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1) I'm going to ask a question for Geoff that I asked a year and a half ago I think: Could we please see a rework to running, sprinting, and walking animations to make them much smoother, more natural, and more realistic? It's one area where AAA and F2P games alike are better than Warframe. It would also go a long way towards making free roam in landscapes feel better.

2) Now, some questions for Steve regarding Railjack: Railjack looks promising, but it also looks rather limited right now in terms of gameplay potential. I'm a big fan of the original Battlefront 2, especially its space gameplay.

First of all, getting to the capital ship seems a bit simple right now. In Battlefront 2's space mode (OG version and EA's), you had to take out some things on the outside of the ship to be able to get inside. Have you considered such a feature for the capital ships?

Additionally, is there any chance we could see more ships present in the game mode, like other non-boardable Corpus ships that we can destroy?

Also, could we see some Railjack missions have more than one ship that we have to board depending on the planet? For example, Jupiter and Saturn are important worlds for the Corpus and Grineer, respectively, and I would imagine they would have more than one ship stationed above those planets. It would be cool to have some Railjack missions where we're taking on small fleets.

As well, could we see some variations on the game mode, particularly Syndicate Railjack missions (Steel Meridian vs Grineer, Perrin Sequence vs Corpus, etc.), Invasion Railjack missions (Corpus vs Grineer, and vice-versa), and Crossfire Railjack missions (taking on both Grineer and Corpus ships)?

Finally, with the proposed Syndicate and Invasion Railjack game modes, could we see allied ships (including enemies boarding their capital ship and us having to defend it)? That would be cool and would help making this game mode much more dynamic and immersive.

3) Another few questions for Geoff, since he's the art director: as you may know, real space is dark. I understand that Warframe's current aesthetic is to have space be rather light. However, the planet, the Sun, ships, and other objects in space don't really stand out that much because space is so light. Is there any chance you guys could make space a bit blacker and the Sun a bit brighter? It would help make the planet and sun-lit ships really pop.

Also, with Venus especially, the planet's atmosphere is thick and sunlight shines off of that thick cloud cover and it appears like a star in space (that's why we can see it in the night sky). Now, Warframe's Venus has been terraformed, but it's now a cold, snowy planet. So, even with the terraforming, it should still appear rather white from space. Is there any chance Venus could look less orange and more of a bright off-white color? It would make the planet stand out so much in Railjack. There are still plenty of other planets that would appear red orange or yellow-ish, namely Mars and Saturn.

I really hope you guys consider this, because it would really help make Railjack a more immersive gameplay experience.

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Questions about Fortuna;

1) In a previous devstream it was said that instead of having a day/night cycle as seen on the Plains of Eidolon, Fortuna would have periods where the tower would be spraying coolant over the local area causing a whiteout, is this proposed feature still in?

2) Are there Eidolons present at Fortuna?

3) Will hoverboards be useable elsewhere?

Questions about Railjack;

1) Since its looking like Railjack will be integrating Archwing content, does this mean theres plans to finally integrate more Archwing into the regular gameplay?

2) Capital ship hunting aside, what kinds of missions can we take on in interceptors?

3) How customiseable will the interceptors be? 
3A) Are weapons fixed for each ship class? 
3B) Will modding be available?
3C) External colour scheme and hull attachments?
3D) Internal colour scheme and decorations?

4) Will there be a Railjack PvP mode for Guns of Icarus style ship to ship combat?

5) How do you rate your chances of developing Warframe to the point of becoming a true open universe game before Star Citizen finally leaves alpha?

Other questions;

1) How is that flying Eidolon that was previewed however many devstreams ago?

2) Are there plans to bring out more Umbra frames in the future?

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2 minutes ago, Almighty_Jado said:

Do you devs feel like acheiving Fortuna, Railjack and The New War by the end of the year is a realistic goal based on your past experiences with Plains of Eidolon and The Sacrifice?

I'm pretty sure The New War isn't coming out this year.

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