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Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

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This might have been asked before, but, what about the Corpus "Sentient beam" weapon shown in Valkyr Prime trailer? Is that ever gonna make it into the game? What's the reason behind the Corpus developing such a weapon, and how did they manage to do it?


Thank you.

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1 hour ago, Chezire_Cat said:

I only have two questions.

1. Someone found cut content of Ordis getting a body in the sacrifice quest line. Are there plans to make this happen later on, or has this been scrapped completly?

^ I'd like to know the same thing

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Sweet! Tennocon was a blast, and I'm so glad I get to meet Steve XD  

I am concerned about all the gear items we'll be getting with fortuna though. My gear wheel is maxed and fortuna is going to just destroy it, do you have solutions to the overflow of equip items or for now is it 'just re-equip everything based on where your going'?

Will we be able to use the hoverboard outside of 4Tuna like in the 'fun demo' steve showcased on his twitter?

Do you think we could ever get a way to 'archwing' out of our orbitor for fun? just like, fly around in space with our friends while you wait for that one person to finish fashionframing.

Keep up the good work DE =D May you always find grofit.

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  • With Fortuna being released, can we expect Plains of Eidolon/Cetus to receive more depth and content?
  • Is the Railjack something owned by individual players, clans, or is it specific to a mission? If owned by players, can it be customized (colors, mods)?
  • Since Ordis is somewhat lore relevant, will he ever have a dedicated quest?
  • Are we going to get that freaking incredible song Smiles from Juran on somachord??????????
  • MEsA prImE whEn?
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1 hour ago, Mr.Cosmic said:

I Have already done that and there is nothng they could do because it was such a long time ago i deleted the frame...

Highly doubt there is nothing they can do. I had a friend delete his Chroma blueprint, contacted support and got it back.

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i always wanted to know if ya ever going to; 1. Do something like make our warframe ranks go even higher than 30? or 2. we can have something we can create our own warframes,skins, and abilities of our own choice cause many of my friends ask me that when i told them about this and i also wondered myself cause i had couple ideas on creating new warframes.


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Tennocon was more than I expected and Railjack looks awesome.
However, I want to ask about Fortuna, since that seems to be coming sooner:

  • Capturable outposts were mentioned. Can we get some more info about them?
    • Will we have access to arsenal there? Are there any other bonuses from capturing them?
    • Will Corpus try to take them back every now and then to make the world feel more dynamic?
  • No word about new Eidolons.
    • Are they still coming?
    • If so, will fighting them feel different than Teralyst & Co or is it still strip shields and snipe joint?
  • It's pretty much known by now that fishing and mining is coming back again.
    • Will there be any upgrades available for these to 1-up Cetus gear?
      A fishing harpoon gun (with a thermal scope)?
      A longer range mining cutter (that highlights gems)?
  • Melee rework was shown a while ago
    • How's the progress on it?
    • Will it come with Fortuna?

And finally:

Thanks, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.
Sacrifice was great but I think now everyone's looking for that long-term grind content.

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Thank you Space Momma, I'll post it note on my wall so I don't forget 😄 I don't have any questions yet as I'm sort of new, I first tried out Warframe back in 2014 but only got past the prologue. This year I'm challenging myself to play games I wouldn't play & so far you have me addicted 😁

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I have a few questiosn:

  1. This may in the far future, but is comming a rework for archwing movement and systems with the upcomming Railjack?
  2. Is Sigor Savar going to be in to be in Fortuna?
  3. Can we expect something for our operators there too?
  4. Is Revenant comming from killing eidolons, dojo research, buying him from the Quills at high price or another mission? Because you guys said you wanted to make this one's grind a bit lighter than Khorra.

And I'm done, thanks again Dev Team for such and amazing game, and now a really catchy song that will never leave my brain.

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Steve said on Twitter that the Railjack would be like a new home, I hope this doesn't mean you intend to full replace my overly decorated orbiter, and instead there would be some way to transition back and forth between the two?

Also, would you be able to pick 3 friends/clanmates who SHARE this railjack with you at all times? So in mission down time, you see your crew moving about the cabin, messing with their foundry, mods ect.?

Will Fortuna be given that neat and interesting mechanic to replace the Day Night cycle? I would love to run out into a blizzard and worry about getting ambushed by the Orbs. (would orbs only come out in a blizzard perhaps?)

I'm worried about the state of the Gear Wheel. It was expanded, but all the stuff added in Fortuna looks like it might make those expansions void. Will Techno-spears and Techno-baits be added into the secondary wheels of the regular spears and baits? Could we consolidate the Echo Lure and Tranq guns into the same fishing spear like setup, to take up less space?

Will economic and resource progress in plains be even partial progress in fortuna? As well as vice versa? Plains was fun, and Fortuna looks really fun as well, but there was some economy problems that launched with Plains and I hope it doesn't become a major issue in Fortuna as well.

Can we do something about Crondrocs? Our Dojo needs 3k white pigment, the dang birds hardly spawn, and the flying ones don't drop said pigment. 💔 

With archwing brought further into the forefront of the game, will their be new archwings and weapons eventually added? Would be REALLY cool to fly around space with a giant Gantulyst laser 😉

Can we also see more infested Guns? They have the sickest melees in the game, but their primary options are lack luster.

Everyone has asked, but I'll echo them anyways. Umbra Polarities when?


and lastly, with Venus coming out. Primed Warm Coat?

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