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Possible Stalker Bug


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Not sure if this is intended, but is Stalker's dash supposed to ignore shields and force a revive token? I was playing the first defence mission on Phobos (Drunlo) when Stalker appeared at wave 4. After tracking him down with Banshee, I tagged him with sonar and a couple of hits from my Hind before he used his slash dash and took me down. The UI elements still showed me as having ~640 shields and 0 health. Teammates couldn't revive me and I had to use a revive token right after being hit, now down on the ground using my secondary. Is this actually intended and has anyone else experienced this?

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It's intended, I know stupid


Still looks like bug even if intended.

Behavior should be consistent.

One could argue that the fact that death by stalker triggers the "revive popup" no matter the amount of players, is consistent.

But considering the distinction between death in singleplayer and multiplayer - everything, that drains your health to 0 in multiplayer (mobs/traps/explosions/poison) doesn't trigger the "revive popup" but normally downs the tenno - Stalker is just another type of enemy and thus death by Stalker shouldn't trigger the revive popup.

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