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Excalibur's Radial Javlin Needs Stun/stagger Machanic?


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I know the subject in question is not as compelling as "NERF NOVA" or anything like that. Minor observation really, and i wanted to test the waters of how everyone feels about it.


I find it a bit silly when radial javelin doesn't finish the job, enemies that survive get skewered half way and don't even blink.


Doesn't seem like a big deal, but when in high level missions there a bit of down time of excal finishing the execution of his ultimate. Casually Pulling a melee weapon from the ground to makes him ripe for long range attacks and the occasional energy sap, or poison damage, via charging ancients.


Basically, all i'm proposing that all enemies struck by the javelin that are not killed at least get staggered to buy time for players to recover and make a quick escape, or fallow up with another javelin attack.

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