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The Idea Of A New Warframe. Grave


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Introduction. Tomatoes and eggs add up to the side =) Dining will be scrambled eggs with tomatoes =)



Lotus: "Thief of great interest and Leach Creel in the area of ​​Phoebus (Bosses and place for example), we are strongly interested. We suspect that they attracted an anomaly in this area, you need to take possession of their findings. Tenno Good luck!"


Lotus was not mistaken. In the strong gravity anomaly was hiding another one artifact forerunner of "Grave". Varfreym era Orokin sunset. One of the assets come close to collapse in a devastating war. Secrets of the change in the force of gravity, turned into a terrible weapon.



Varfreym heavy support similar to Frost. Is a modified combination of  Frost's and Rhino skills, diluted uniqueness.


Shield base - 75

Health 150

Armor 150

Speed ​​- 0.9

restoration of the shield 20

Energy 100

Tables polarity dash and theta.

Aura - D.



1) Anomaly - Deals Cleave arc of 112 degrees and a distance of 1 m to 3 m, making the powerfull gravitational anomaly in the air, causing damage to the target zone 300/450/600/750 ignoring armor (increased damage due to low coverage) . Price 25.

2) Density - Density Increases your armor by squeezing the atoms of the force of gravity, reducing incoming damage by 30%, just within 1.5/2/3/4 meter reduces the attack speed of the enemy for the powerfull gravitational distortion. Duration 5/7.5/10/12.5 seconds. Price 50

3) Gravity Trap - Creates a round pad 3/4.5/6/7.5 square meters. The strength of anomalies such that the bullets are attracted to the floor and the enemy got in range of the tips over and unable to stand up while this is an anomaly. Anomaly takes 30-70 (editing, it was too much) Health per second and operates 5/7.5/10/12.5 seconds. Price 75.

4) The gravitational acceleration - first attraction cancels within 5/10/15/20 Murtagh forcing the enemy to fly up to it greatly increases the impact of the opponent to the floor and dealing 250/375/500/750 damage and stunning them for seconds 3/4.5/6/7.5 . Price 100


Concept Art (verbal description).

The upper part consists of a rounded surface (reducing the effect of gravity pressure changes), the lower side of the triangular form of angular components for improving the strength when the gravity. His head is framed by two long whiskers coming down to the waist, on the back of similar but shorter (the mechanism of control gravity).


Well, now devastating critique =) Waiting for that pelted the concrete slabs and feed the eggs and tomatoes =)


PS. Name Grave came by accident. But thanks to the fact that Varfreym can paralyze the target and drive it into the ground is the name I think it is very suitable.

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so, basically it's an 'Inverted Vauban', not lifting stuff up but squishing it down

would be amusing to see what would happen if you have vauban and grave using their skills at the same time xD

There is generally a mistake. In common with almost no Vauban.
The first skill in something similar cuts the strike.
The second skill Amber.
Third same tip a trap.
Fourth between Meg and Rhino.
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