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Hello Community!

I play Warframe since a few weeks and I really like it so far. But since I started posting on the forums, one thing always crossed my mind. The Profile Icons all look similar, since there are not many Warframes at this moment. Which makes them look boring.

Now, what I want to ask is, if we could get different Profile Icons too. Here's an example:

-Warframe Icons
-Skin Icons
-Clan Emblem Icons
-Personal Icons

-Warframe Skill Icons

The first two types of icons already exist.

Clan Emblem Icons:

If you're in a clan and your clan has an emblem, you could basicly use that emblem as your personal Icon too(only on the forums).

Personal Icons:

Similar to Clan Emblems, you could be able to upload any 128x128 (or whatever resolution it should be) picture. It gets checked and approved or declined, just like the clan emblem.



Warframe Skill Icons:

Instead of using a Warframe for your Icon, a great idea would also be to use a Skill as your Icon. Here's an example:

Thank you AlchemistMute for the idea


For changing an Icon you could charge a certain amount of platinum.

I think that would be a great idea, but I sadly have no idea if that's possible because of all the data that would have to be stored.
I myself would pay up to 200 platinum for changing my icon to a personal / clan emblem.

I also don't know if this has been mentioned before. If so, please refer me to the topic. Thank you. :)


Anyways, please tell me what you think about that. 


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