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So I decided to farm Kril for Frost, because out of all the frames that are currently part of the void "Meta", he's the one whose play style I dislike the least.


I did a few runs with pugs who dropped in and out, and when the host left, I joined a new game. However when I joined the session, there were already like 5 or six other players present, hammering away at Kril. I decided to join them and of course we defeated him. He didn't drop anything, so we all rushed to the exit, expecting the squad to get dissolved as soon as the session is over.


Strangely, nobody got kicked, so we all went ahead and revisited Exta, hoping to stay together and have a slightly easier time with the boss. Here's where it gets really funny. Apparently, more people kept joining the game, and with each new round, our squad grew bigger.


By the end, we were 18 players in squad chat, and since the mechanics that scale the enemy's level still worked, we had to fight a level 206 Kril. The host apparently had a very good machine and net connection, because while it lagged a little bit, it was definitely playable and nobody really had any problems. It's also interesting to note that all of our auras gave their benefits to each player of the squad, which meant everyone had a super high energy recharge rate!


After about 10 runs or so the host(which was just as surprised about the bug as everyone else) decided to leave, so our little team got disbanded. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! Didn't get what I was coming for(Frost Systems), but what I got instead was much more valuable: A super fun and unique experience. :)







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this has got to be implemented at least in just one of the modes idc JUST PLEASE do it DE

Well, either you're gonna be lucky to find someone who hosts this, or DE has to implement dedicated servers which will cost them more cash than they currently have (I guess).

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I'm picturing what this would be like on Xini with 12 Tenno in there at the same time.  Or wait!  20 Tenno at the same time!!!


Some of us wanted to try Outer Terminus, but the host was (presumably) Russian, so we couldn't really communicate with him.

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i don't think this is a bug. 
Since we have a Peer to Peer connection and every connection seems to go through the host - it's possible that the host has tinkered with the game to hide the count of players or the disband the limit. 

IT's just a theory, but i have encountered this before in - League of Legends. You could change the player limit and play a 6 v 6 (More ppl simply made everyone stuck in loading screen) in a Twisted Treeline (3 v 3 ) map. It was hell of a fun while it lasted - then it got patched and we never saw it again. (Only thing that was required was to download a soft and/ or edit a file) 

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