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Rank Up And Stuff :d


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can you make every time you get a rank-up, you will get a +1 for you too choose to put on any polarities.

as u know we got 4 main polarities: dam,def,speed and skill

if u choose to put +1 on a dam polarities, every mod you put in a dam polarities will receive a bonuses +%. This goes along with def, speed and skill polarities.


and Warframe mod, gun/melee mod will get this bonus


Example if u don't understand:

if you put a +1 on dam mod

put Focus on Warframe dam polarities, Pressure point on melee polarities slot and Serration on Primary polarities mod...these mod will get a bonus base on how many +# they got in.


At higher rank, u will have more +# and put it on def,speed,skill,dam or improve 

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complicating series...well, if you think about it, modding a weapon is already a % to it. a % to a % is not sure if needed.

im not multiply the %, i try to plus more % to the basic, making us had more reason to rank up (and more reason Forma should be useful)

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