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[Recruiting]Tenno Operators


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Tenno Operators is recruiting


We are a small group of Gamers, who enjoy to play Warframe. Tenno Operators was founded 2 weeks ago and has currently 8 members (mostly EU).


Our goal is to offer new and old, low and high level players a nice place to teamup for missions, chill or just talk. In the Clan we try to help each other as much as we can in missions, alerts and farming.





  • No level required - We are open for new and old players, preferably from EU to avoid ping issues but not important - everyone is welcome to join us
  • Be active - You dont have to be 24/7 but at least 2-4 days per week (except if work, vacation etc).
  • Friendly and social - We have a zero tolerance against people who are disrespectful against other players and clanmates
  • Dojo donations (optional) - Having spare ressources ? Every bit helps and will be very appreciated.



  • Duel-Arena
  • Parkour
  • Labs (full researched)


Future plans

  • Grow bigger and reach new Clan ranks
  • Renovate the Dojo (optional)
  • Our own Clan emblem
  • Ts3(?)


How to Apply?


You can apply to this Clan either by leaving a message here or contacting me ingame

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