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Updated Insertion/Extraction

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Like the title says, how about a new way to start and end missions? 

Insertion:Instead of spamming space bar or playing the WASD game while watching the loading screen, what if we could walk about our orbiter until it had loaded the mission while "traveling through space", then when we are ready we hit interact with a "deploy" option and do a sky drop (not a cinematic) to the surface or exterior of ship? I've noticed the trick in other games and I like being tricked into thinking that there wasn't a loading screen. The seamless transition would add immersion for me.

Extraction: Alright there's nothing more boring then sitting at extraction for 60 seconds because someone is lost or just refuses to die. So why not make the extraction timer trigger a swarm of enemies to start rushing the extraction point from those random side doors opposite from where we came from? To prevent exploiting it could be a one time thing, even if you deactivate the countdown enemies will still rush extraction if the timer is triggered and then wait there if you decided to leave. Also making extraction more interactive, for example, instead of hooking into our lander what if there was just a giant hatch and we jumped through, got swapped to the new gravity and our lander "traveled back into space" while showing us our mission rewards? Giving the appearance of seamless exit from a map.


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