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PSA: Prime Vault Xbox Store Delay (PACKS ARE NOW LIVE)


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Dear Xbox Tenno,

As you may already know, the limited time Prime Vault with Nyx Prime, Rhino Prime, and their respective separate Prime Accessory Packs opens today! 

Today at roughly 2PM ET we have a planned Hotfix (on all platforms) that adds the respective Relics into the drop tables for the limited duration of the Prime Vault. At that time, our official droptable site will be updated with the location/Relic information for your hunting pleasure.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the release of the Prime Vault packs to the Xbox Store will be delayed by 8 to 24 hours. We will keep you all updated as to when the packs become available for purchase.

Sorry for any frustration this may cause - we appreciate your understanding! :community:

July 25 Update: Thank you for your patience! The Xbox Store is slowly rolling out the Prime Vault packs now.

July 25 3:55pm ET Update:

Hello XB1 Tenno!

Good news - All Prime Vault packs should now be live in the Xbox Store! Thank you for your patience while these were rolled out across all regions.

We also wanted to note that the two Accessories Packs (while not currently visible in Warframe's in-game market) are available for purchase in the Games Store on Xbox, Xbox.com, and the Xbox app by searching "Prime Vault" ! You can purchase all of the Prime Vault packs in these locations as well.

July 26 Update: We just dropped a Hotfix on Xbox One that added the Accessories Packs to the in-game Market home page. You no longer need to search "Prime Vault" to find the Accessories Packs! Thanks again, Tenno. We hope you enjoy!

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Just now, (XB1)WarGod Viper said:

So what happens to those that have 25%,50% or even 75% discount we have thar expire after 24hrs like myself i lost one because I was going to use it today? hmmmmmmm

But you can't even use plat discounts on Prime Accessories, or access packs. So your point is null. The packs that are being delayed are the ones you have to buy with real world currency.

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