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PSA: Prime Vault Xbox Store Delay (PACKS ARE NOW LIVE)


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On 2018-07-24 at 6:35 PM, (XB1)HAPPYHapyJ0YJoy said:

Some issues are harder to track down, and thus fix, than others. Especially issues that are intermittent or limited in scope. They also tend to take different people, like a level designer who might be qualified to fix a geometry error in a map that can cause players to clip through is likely going to be zero help fixing a problem with the Xbox store, and vice versa for the person who would fix that. The employees aren't interchangeable, and that even assumes this is an issue on DE's end and not Microsoft's.

It's just not as simple as you're trying to make it out to be.

i'm not making it to be that simple but it's not as hard as you might it out to be if they would at the very least let outsiders help more so with feedback. They rush cosmetics and new content it seems more so than focusing on game funtionality.

Look at the plague star event for example. first time they brought it out, it had issues. They did not bother to fix said issues before re-releasing it this year. They should have something setup how game companies did it back in the day. Allow the people who have nothing better to do than no life their game test out hours and hours of game play to help spot glitches like that to get be basically just given away or be changed into something that everyone can get with not even fore trying to just push out the new content.

They removed LOR from the game which had been out for years instead of fixing it and made it so that noobs who don't invest much time at all into the game have access to getting over powered arcanes and such without even putting in the work by just joining a public run on the plains. Idon't know about you but me personally feel like I wasted the past 5 years playing warframe working hard to earn my stuff now because they are basically just giving allt he hard to get stuff away to those who don't even make effort to earn it. I go play public with even high rank players.. do they help take down a edilon?

No they go fishing while i do the work an then they come over an collect the rewards. Lets be honest, that's complete bullS#&$ and you know it. They are getting sloppy with their content and nerfing S#&$ that don't need to be messed with before making sure the game modes even works first or that they aren't making things to where they are even fair to those of us who put in the itme to earn things. I got injured so all I do is play warframe usually 14-19 hours per day because i'm in pain and sleep ain't my thing really. Last thing I want to see is my hardwork put into things farming for stuff get turned into something that was hard and rewarding become something that is now a joke because they allow people to join, not put in work but still reap the benefits. Game modes like say the plains, they need to lock it down to at the very least to where if people don't play their questline to unlock their tenno so they can fight edilons not even be allowed to go there at night. Set things up so that if they do not actively attack the edilon they can not receieve rewards when they leave the plains after the fight is over. Kinda like they set up playing in a defense if you just stand there and let everyone else do the work you get nothing that round.

I emailed them offering to share and send them clips in to help them pinpoint things that i don't even see in forum post that need fixed and never get a response from them about that kind of thing. But if I email them about say idk not getting credit for xp towards something they want to act like i'm stupid and don't know what i'm talking about when i tell them for example i owned said item and leveled it to level 30 and it did not give me the mastery rank for it. they turn around when i offer to send them proof this is happening and they reply claiming that i have never owned the item or ever leveled it up. I offered to show them proof this is happening and instead of working with me they treated me like i'm just a dumbass and that their game could not possibly have a glitch like that in the system. I went as far as to re-farm those items such as excalibur and some zaws and amps, craft them and level them while live streaming with twitch showing when i hit level 30 it did not give me credit for the Mastery of those items.

Even after gilding and getting the gilded items to 30. So you claiming i'm making it out be easier than it is, I do not think you realize it could be easier. They only need to simply not treat the players who invest time into their game like they don't know more about what's broken in the game than them. Writing the code is one thing but if you've not got the time to test the code for errors then trust the person who does and let them help you find said errors and be thankful they invested the time and effort to play your creation and offer to help instead of talk down to them as if they are stupid. That's what would make it easier for them to fix bugs so much sooner. Coding aspect would be easier if they have enough data to help them track down and pinpoint the coding to review in the first place by trusting the players and letting us help them. I do minor programming here and the mainly for cellphones and minor things so i understand this is the key problem they are missing better than most.

If you don't trust your community enough to let them help you, how can you 1 be less stressed, 2 achieve your goal in producing the top quality out of your product faster. -End Point. You talk about GEOMETRY of the core functions and such. We as humans need help learning math at a point in our lives. We as humans need help period when things are stressful when you get overwhlemed with a task at hand because stress gives you a mental block at times causing you to create further errors in the future. 

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Hello everyone, I had a question about why only 200 platinum came with the accessory pack and the 370 that comes with the standard $20 pack. Considering the twin value pack comes with the same amount of plat the prime access accessories comes with. I havent purchased an accessory pack in quite a long time, but was disappointed with the lack of platinum. Any explanation would be appreciated. (Xbox One)

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On ‎2018‎-‎07‎-‎25 at 8:32 PM, (XB1)LoathingChain said:

I purchased the prime bundle off the website, and it didnt ask me for what platform I wanted it for. (Xbox btw) how do I go about redeeming it when it does drop? Thanks so much 

If you bought it off the client, it might've been a PC purchase. Contact DE Support if you don't have it.

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7 hours ago, (XB1)HavokShark28 said:

i mean to just buy the armor set from the market for like 100p, nt to spend real $20 for just an armor set lol, thank you tho sir.


Ah, my bad! But no, accessories can only be purchased via Prime Accessories bundles.

12 minutes ago, (XB1)shark4233 said:

I have a question, can you get the prime warframe withought buying it?

Yes, you can farm for the relics and then run them in Void Fissure missions.

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