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Fissures: Resuscitating the Void, Quality of Life, and a Challenging Endgame

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On 2018-07-28 at 12:23 PM, MartianGHunter said:

I don't mind at all and you're welcome. I really like the idea of missions that kinda promote us getting stronger so we can tackle them. I have found myself a little bored with game at moment just cause I have a large majority of frames and weapons now at MR 22 and just like well no need to use you guys anymore cause I'm just too powerful at moment especially with operator arcanes and most of the nodes in most trees unlocked I just find it pointless. 

So having difficult missions of normal missions that are well rewarding for time investment is a fantastic idea and could retain a large majority of "end-game" players for longer periods during content drought such as the one we have at moment.

I'd like to give my support to the original idea and second this. I'm also MR 22 with an assortment of prime frames, weapons, sentinels with reactors, catalysts and forma applied.

Perhaps I'm missing something but when I returned to the game a while after the spectres of the rail update I was a little confused where I was meant to go for this challenging content that requires team composition etc.

Obviously we now have a variety of Eidolon to hunt but I remember when derelict and void towers combined represented various levels of potentially challenging content from accessible t1 all the way to t4.

I welcome void fissures and the changes that came alongside them, but it's a long time since spectres of the rail and time again to revise the void and derelict.

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I feel only people that want the old tower system back is the people that have good luck on RNG rolls. Whenever a new part was added in T3 survival rotation it was a nightmare to get for most players. Drop rates were even worse than Khora. And it was a total pain to get. Now you can actually get a new prime in a reasonable amount of time.

As for raids being endgame that's not really true. Once you know how to do it you can afk your brain and still be able to finish it. Raids were basically just a glorified stand on button simulator with nothing challenging in them once you figure out the puzzle.

As for changes to levels to newer played that is also not that very good. I feel people that played the game for long forget how it was when you just started out, didn't have any mods, endo or gear to use. Even a level 20 enemy mission was hard at that point.

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On 2018-07-26 at 5:36 PM, Voltage said:

Progression: Newer Players in this System

After reading a large amount of feedback (mostly from Reddit), a concern is newer players and how this affects their progression as a whole.

  1. Junctions/Quests - This system would be impacted as @Grey_Star_Rival_Defender pointed out. Eris requires players to kill Lephantis in the Derelict. To remedy this, the Derelict should be on a path next to or along side the Void. Requiring players to kill Lephantis should be replaced on the Eris Junction. The Europa Junction asks players to complete Teshub in the Void and this could be replaced with the completion of a Maroo Ayatan mission. Chains of Harrow requires players to finish Mot in the Void before attempting the quest. This could be changed to the proposed level 60 area and achieve the same goal.

One of the things that I remember more fondly of the old void keys system that is no more present is the "sacrality" the Void used to have: missions locked by specific keys that were hard, challanging by compelling the player to squeeze out of a single key as much prime parts as possible (all spiced up by the unique, golden atmosphere of the tileset).

For this reason I'd like to see the Void detached from the vanilla star chart, unreachable by mere junctions, but instead locked behind some kind of specific challange and/or even a quest. This way there could also be a real mastery requirment for accessing the void: as an example, Void Keys (that even lore wise are really cool objects and in my opinion deserve more love) could be dropped by the bosses of some planets, and with these we could start a quest (at a set MR setpoint) to craft a torsion beam (like the ones we see in void sabotage) to open entrances to the Void. This way, the bosses of Sedna, Europa, Phobos and Neptune would drop these specific Keys, that could be named in a fashion following Vor's Janus key, to open access to the Void missions. So, the Void would be mastery locked and accessible step by step.

Apart from this little dream of mine to see more void keys, i agree with all what you have stated, maybe only the level of the lith tier could be left around 25 and increased more steeply through the following towers, so that new players could get a playable taste of the void but would be blocked more by the higher tiers, peaking at the T4/5

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I completely agree with Voltage.

Warframe needs actual endgame content that is fun and allows us to push to the cutting edge of what our gear is capable of. And the rewards have to be adequate.

To put it in actionable terms for DE: Void missions, but harder. T5, T6, T7... so we don't have to wait 12 rotations to get challenging enemies.

And no automated queues please. So we can do T7 camps or T7 freestyle just like good old times.

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