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The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.3


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42 minutes ago, Azhamur said:

Awesome aesthetics! The only change I would like to see is for the weapon skin to apply to Hirudo...I know they're "sparring" class, but they sure look a helluva lot like claws to me 😉 Nonetheless, thanks for the sweet skins!

Makes sense since hirudo its his signature weapon, DE's logic i guess  👌.

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1 hour ago, --Q--Voltage said:

....still no fix for Profile Affinity resetting with the application of Forma as per:

Stop talking about this. It will never get fixed because that's how affinity works. It counts up since last at level 0. If you make it level 0 again, it will recount. 

That's how it will always be because that's how affinity logically would work. 

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1 hour ago, 10-N0 said:

Thanks DE for the awesome Delux skin.

Also wanted to address, The Zenistar Disc aura issue. Since the Melee nerf Zenistar disc aura is blocked by the smallest geometry in the game. and then I found out even Volt shields block it. would there be a fix for it? The screenshot isn't so clear but I wanted to show that those heavy gunners are immune to the aura dmg because the Volt shields are blocking it.

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Please address this DE!!!

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3 minutes ago, Meicoomon_Prime said:

Please let me be able to buy the pet skin and Armor out of the set, PLEASE. not Nidus play but i want to have this Skin for my pet.


12 minutes ago, Meicoomon_Prime said:

not able to buy the Kubrow Skin or armor?! please tell me this is bug. (just wanting the skin for the pet, not the warframe skin)

its unfortunately part of the 375 plat collection.

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