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Sarpa&Redeemer pellets not critting normally.

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Sarpa and Redeemer pellets currently cannot crit, regardless of any mod set-ups. This has been mentioned before, but nothing conclusive was stated.

As stated in this post, neither the wiki, also nor the in game information, have actual information on gunblade pellet stats. This bug thread is being created in attempt to get any DE staff to ordain whether or not gunblades' pellets are supposed to have a crit chance.

~~>To clarify for anyone who will attempt to claim otherwise; watch the video on the linked above thread.
IF you are getting gunblade pellets to crit, please provide a video or gif on this thread that does NOT include a crit from:
->forced stealth melee crit hit
->smeeta and/or adarza kavat crit buffs
->Harrow retaliation buff
->Mutalist-Quanta cube fire-through crit buff.
Essentially right now the only critting that gunblade pellets will do, is due to an additive or forced instance, rather than normal shots with which both gunblades show that they should have crit chance.

I have tested through and have confirmed that each of the above listed methods certainly cause the pellets to crit; however, without any additive and/or forced crit 'buffs' the pellets indeed do not crit.

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I have concluded the same.  The only time mine crit is with Arcane Avenger buff (30%) or Smeeta buff..  The funny thing is that once you have one of those buffs, suddenly even bloodrush works for the crit chance.  It would seem they force it to 0% so you are unable to get any crits aside from flat increases.

Gunblades shots have incredibly odd interactions with melee mods.  I also found a 'bug' where a riven with a negative range -100% or more will cause the bullets to have essentially zero range..yet I have not found the opposite effect when adding +range.. it seems to do the same weak damage at longer range whether you use +0% range or +165% range.. yet -100 drops it to no range at all.


All of this being said, my greater concern is how the charged shot and combo counter interactions will be nerfed in melee 3.0..  It would be a shame because these weapons are already barely used outside of niche builds/uses.

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