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ok first thank you guys for the love and the hard work next

maiming strike sucks BUT about melee what will happen to the great the master of melee the legend king of all wukong please he is so rlated to melee yet he is so underrated by his name not his skills if he has any but defy which most of the haters say its bad and they are right make him like rhino iron skin cant be affected by shock wave or other effects 

ok forgot everything the modt important thing dont ruin the stances please they have families and they called FANS fgs a lot of stances are super cool in terms of animation or damage affect like crushing ruin for hammers and blind justic for nikana and many others like the one for silva and aegis i forgot the stance name but there is one great and the other suck THE POINT is dont make melee weak and dont nerf strong weapons like arca titron silva and dragon nikana just buff them 

unrelated thing make arca titron the new primed melee please 

and buff all weapons disposition but wipes and polearms because people abuse them with meme strike 

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I'm basing all of these questions off the last time Melee 3.0 was discussed, so it's possible everything I'm about to ask is already internally outdated. That said:

If the point of Comboing was to give a degree of scalability to melee weapons to make them competitive with firearms, doesn't the removal of a stacking Combo multiplier put melee back where it was before? And if discharging the multiplier requires a Channeled attack, what's to prevent Comboing builds from being devalued?

How will the changes to Comboing and Channeling affect Wukong's ultimate? Or abilities that inherited the Combo multiplier but can't discharge Channeling, like Landslide or Dual-Wielding? Venka Prime's increased Comboing multiplier? Will Naramon's Power Spike and Zenurik's Inner Might change? 

Will Acolyte melee mods stay the same? Will they ever be usable on Exalted melee weapons?

How will these changes affect Channeling mods like Life Strike?

And for some non-melee questions:


The frequent, blinking Convergence orb induces headaches and migraines, making Lens’d frames annoying to play when not farming Focus. Might we see a means to distill Focus Lenses when they’re not in use, or at least to toggle Convergence procs?

Presently if a Sentinel or Companion dies, the only way to bring it back is to die and spend a self-Revive. Could we perhaps see an alternate means to forcibly revive them mid-mission, such as a consumable?

Is there any concern that Warframe ability kits are becoming too complex? Important facets of frames like Limbo, Oberon, Frost, Saryn, etc. are not mentioned in-game, so players who missed the patch notes don't know to roll to cancel Banish, combine Hallowed Ground with Renewal for armor, or cast Freeze to break Snow Globe.

Since Steve discussed addressing “mandatory” mods like Serration and multishot, you’ve added Primed Point Blank, Primed Pressure Point and Riven mods to the game, which reinforce the current system. Have you officially gone back on plans to address these mods in Damage 3.0?

Players allied with New Loka/Perrin Sequence have no means to obtain the Large Shield Restore blueprint, even though all four Large Restore blueprints are available to allies of Cephalon Suda/Arbiters of Hexis. Might we see this playing field leveled out in the future?

While it is understandable why entering a Conduit in Sanctuary Onslaught resets abilities and energy, why does it not also reset things like ammo, health or fallen companions?

Akvasto Prime: When?

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Will many melee weapons also receive a stat upgrade/downgrade?

Fang prime for exmaple, has a poor 5% status and 5% crit chance.
With their low reach, and not being able to become modded with covert lethality, (due to being 'dual' daggers - so will dual daggers maybe be able to get outfitted with the mod as well?), this weapon is pretty useless against high level enemies.
Since this is even a 'prime' weapon, it kind of falls short in the category.

Just to name one of many melees, that could use a small boost.

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35 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:


Please ask your MELEE related questions here! We will be spending a large part of the stream on Melee! The thread closes Friday at 10 a.m!


Will the new melee system change the maiming strike meta that's been going on for a long while?

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Will you consider revisiting old stances? Some like Bleeding Willow and Shimmering Blight haven't really been looked at since melee 2.0 came out all the way back when and they have a distinct lack of combos that really hold back the Polearm family from more widespread use. Are new combo moves/animations something we can look forward to?

Also, just a thought - has anyone thought of adding just a cosmetic flourish in with melee weapons? I would LOVE to show off my Tenno's martial skill!

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How is the Tenno Ōdachi coming along? Will you be waiting for the release of Melee 3.0 before releasing it as well?

On a note unrelated to melee: Whatever happened to Typhus (designed by RedSkittlez)? Back before Ivara was released, I seem to remember the team stated that they would be turning him into a Warframe, but it's been three years and there hasn't been a single word about him. Was the idea scrapped overall? Was his concept what gave us Nidus?

Would there be any possibility (with the original designer's permission, of course) to see the design of Typhus turned into a skin for Nidus?

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With the proposed changes to melee, I find it troubling that damage will not stack for light attacks. If this is still the case, will we have ways of complimenting this? Punch a butcher in the face and use them as a shield against incoming fire?

Will combo attacks lock on to and chase enemies? Will we be able to hang direction mid combo? Absolver did very well with chaining attacks in different directions. Yes, it’s a different game, but the directional and targeting capabilities were phenomenal and I believe if a frame could dodge and weaver through crowds of enemies, it would help. It would be great for smaller, quicker weapons, as well as useful for larger, crowd weapons.

As far as ground slam vs air attack, could we see the reticle change depending on the angle? That way we can tell which will be performed.

Non-melee question: will bolstering get expanded? The current state is still a little restrictive and I’d like to have gun holstering capabilities.

Keep up the good work!

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