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Coming Soon: Devstream #114!

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My Questions:

  1. What will happen to channeling mods?
  2. What will happen to combo counter mods?
  3. Will slower weapons ramp up combo at the same rate as faster weapons? (attack speed -> average hits per minute)
  4. Will weapon combos be changed mechanically?
  5. Will weapon combos deal more or about the same damage?
  6. Do I have to combo to use my weapons efficiently?
  7. If it flops, will you revert back or go to melee 3.5?
  8. Are we adding new mods with the rework?
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Rather than the specifics, I wanted to ask a more general question: What are the major goals you wish to accomplish with Melee 3.0? What sort "tone" or "feel" are you hoping to impart onto players with the new melee system in order to make it enjoyable?

The reason I ask is that there are all sorts of games with varying melee systems, and each one has a distinct feel that doesn't quite match up with Warframe. For example, games like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, and Dark Messiah all have melee combat as a strong feature, and many people enjoy their systems, but the pace and scale of combat in these games are at odds with Warframe's hoard-based bullet-jumping movement system, so any direct implementation would just slow things down and make things less enjoyable.

In addition to the aforementioned games, there are also games like Metal Gear Rising or Devil May Cry that make use of a speedier combat system, utilizing spectacle and adrenaline to portray their combat systems. However, this system doesn't necessarily work well for Warframe either, again due to the sheer numbers that you'd face in a given mission. 

I, as well as many players, are definitely interested in seeing a new melee system, but it would help to know what sort of goals and considerations the team has in mind as they go about implementing Melee 3.0.

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2 minutes ago, 8088 said:

Others probably have asked this, but what are the chanced we can get glaive zaws from Hok?

And for that matter, what about dual-wield zaws? Like, have a special zaw-link that allows for dual-wielding?


I love Glaives, but they're not going to work in the current Zaw system as it stands.  The Glaive strikes would need some sort of exclusive grip that is incompatible with other strikes simply because it would need an entirely different visual design (since there is no hilt, and all existing grips are meant to look and be used as hilts).  For this reason, I feel like Glaives are unlikely as Zaw options until DE does just about every other type of "normal" melee weapon variety.

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currently if you string attack combos while spaming roll you tp a few steps instead of rolling will there be an animation added for this 

its reall good cause you dont have to wait for the roll animation to finish but feels a bit unfinished

as if there is room for a new animation in every single melee stance

i understand it would be alot of work but would add that little bit more to the game and make combat even better 

try recreating it on stream if you dont know wat im talking about

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I'd love to see Operators have their own weapons. Like have some overlap with warframe weapons, but some, such as Grineer weapons which lack stop and have near lethal kick, are warframe exclusive, and have others be specially made for the Operator. Melee and a single small arm would compliment void powers really well!

As well, can we expect a Cassowar Prime and/or Nezha Prime in the foreseeable future? Or is that just too far out to give a wait time for?

Anyway, y'all are awesome, I can't catch the livestream, but I'll check out the recap! Keep kicking ass!

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- Any change to how we use combo animations? Personally i wish for an easy and intuitive "directional" system.
Hold Forward while attacking -> Charge at the enemy.
Hold Back while attacking -> Perform a defensive strike while backing up.
Hold a Left/Right while attacking -> Perform a sideway strike, start to spin your heavy blade/hammer. something like that.

- Will it be possible to wield a Sword and Throwing Knives?

- Covert Lethality on Dual Daggers?

- Zaws are nice, Zaws are strong, Zaws look...weird. We cant equip skins on them, is there any way that this could be changed? Even if the Hitbox wouldnt align with the model...Primed Reach and Rivens allready do that anyway


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Will we see some more melee stances intended for a smoother, more natural, and more continuous flow of combat in the future (without a bunch of pauses and stuff)?


Also, can we get some way to hold certain melee weapons a different way, like holding daggers backhanded, holding nikanas outside of their sheaths, and holding heavy swords like Stalker does in the TSD Reservoir scene?

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@[DE]Rebecca Are there any plans for a Nyx rework? You guys mentioned that CC frames like Vauban are getting a rework, but you didn´t say anything about Nyx. I know DE plans to make Revenant different from Nyx, but she still needs a buff/rework. Currently people only use Chaos and Assimilate (an augment) frequently. Mind control is only used to get ancient healers and her bolts and regular absorb don´t do enough damage to justify their use. I do play Nyx quite often but I know she can become a lot better.




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I know this isn't a priority issue at all, AND it would take a lot of work, but has the Animation department ever though about giving each frame their own running animations with weapons?
Additionally, perhaps applying a unique idle stance animation for all melee weapon grips like how we do with primaries, secondaries, etc?

Just a fun and trivial cosmetic idea that could possibly be interesting & give frames more character.

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Melee related:

1) At a few points in the past you guys have discussed a possible rework or change to the method in which we acquire stances for our melee weapons. Can we expect these changes to arrive with melee 3.0 or is there any info you guys can tell us on the subject?

2) With the possible removal of quick melee's damage scaling alongside the melee counter, what plans are there to help melee weapons scale their damage during gameplay?

Non-melee related:

Will we ever see the return of the absolutely brilliant komi minigame?


Keep up the great work DE, cheers.

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58 minutes ago, Cyborg-Rox said:

Hey DE, long standing player here. I've been loving Warframe ever since U12: Zephyr Rises, and have 4,000 hours clocked in.

Due to TennoCon happening right after The Sacrifice, you pretty much glanced over it in favor for Fortuna talk on the last Devstream, so now would be a good opportunity to actually talk about some Sacrifice stuff.

This. I'm pretty disappointed with the way that the Sacrifice has been treated. It's as though it's the ugly step-child that the devs don't want to talk about. And now, we're all of a sudden rushing over to talk about Melee 3.0 and Fortuna (again, as if it wasn't talked about enough already). Keep in mind that Fortuna is a long way out so I don't see why we have to talk about it again.

I get that you want to promote your upcoming content since you all expect Fortuna to be a repeat performance of PoE with respect to player count etc. But for a player like me who likes to hear the developers' take on updates that they have already released, it would have given me some closure if The Sacrifice was discussed even just a little bit.

Because from playing the quest, I got the feeling that that's not the quest you all originally started off with in development, what with Ballas' Sword missing etc etc. and in playing the quest, to me, something surely felt like it was missing. (And no that's not synonymous with "having predetermined expectations" of the quest, because I had none, and I still got this feeling.)

And yea, it concerned me alot right after I played The Sacrifice and I waited and hoped that maybe Steve would talk about the quest's development cycle a little bit or discuss some of the lore and story. But nothing.

Apart from that, the questions I have are pertaining to clan dojos. So I guess I cant ask those either. =|

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So a few melee questions:

How will blood rush, weeping wounds, maiming strike, and gladiator mods be affected by this update, since the last we heard is that combo counter is consumed on ONE charge attack? Is it possible that the combo counter stay as is, or changed to behave like sniper combo, I.e. decay over time? This needs to be addressed since the acolytes are returning next week and if these mods are going to be useless, then we should know before we spend our week farming them.

Based on what we saw in the last melee demo, there seem to be a lot of ragdolls. While it is funny (doesn't equate to FUN because seen one ragdoll, seen them all), it actively hinders damage output if the enemy survive the hit, and, if you are playing nekros, your ability to interact with the corpse. Has this been addressed?

what will become of the stance mods? There are players who spend hours/days/weeks farming those rare and amazing stances (tempo royale, vengeful revenant, cyclone kraken, the plains stances etc.) Will those effort be for nothing? 

Finally, as a Tenno considering buying the targis prime armor, how will the removal of channeling affect the visual effects on prime cosmetics? Will they be tied to duration of warframe abilities? Like for the whole duration of exalted blade or blessing, or shattered shield?

I personally do not see the need for such drastic melee rework. Some pause and moving backwards combos are a bit unintuitive and could use some standardizing, but all in all the melee system is quite fun and effective as is. However, things can always be improved and I look forward the demo during devstream! Hopefully everything works out well, for devs, old and new players!

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Added 2nd part to channeling question
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How's this going to effect glaive usage?  Especially while dual wielding. 

Throws function like heavy attacks, so in the new system will you need to wind up combo points before the throw, or will there be a button hold "light" throw and "heavy" throw? 

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