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Nexus app bug.

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Hangs occasionally when claiming stuff from the foundry. 

I've run into this a few times recently. I think that I have nailed down the sequence of events of how to replicate it:

Build item (any method), go to foundry tab in the app, tap on the item to review, while viewing the item use the claim option in the detailed view. 

How to tell that it's crashed:

You get the overlay notification that the item has been claimed, but the screen doesn't change from the detailed view and the option to claim remains, tapping it again gives an item not found type error, then you are unable to interact with the screen, tapping the x will not revert to the previous foundry tab, hitting back on my phone screen does work, but then the app must be closed and reopened in order to interact with the items again. 


Hope this helps. 

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