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The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.1

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4 hours ago, RazorHowl said:

Not sure what broke it, but between 13 hours ago and now, if I am using a controller it disables my mouse entirely. I used to be able to navigate menus with mouse and keyboard, but now the game ignores all mouse clicks. 

Is this intentional? Because it's incredibly frustrating, especially when it comes to setting amounts in the UI. 

for me is the opposite, i can use the cursor in the menus with the controller, but none of the buttons input work

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12 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.1

- Added new Lotus Transmissions for Kuva Siphon missions when attempting to destroy a braid. The new lines better emphasize the clouds being integral to success.

- Vauban’s Repelling Bastille Augment now functions as it did originally with the intended addition of pushing enemies on enter and every 4 seconds after.
- Subtle tweaks to Vauban’s Citadel Skin for a more consistent metal tint.

- Fixed Vauban’s Repelling Bastille Augment ignoring an enemy that is ignored by the base effects of Bastille (e.g. if they were ragdolled after being caught).
- Fixed a Host migration after killing an Acolyte sometimes causing the Acolyte to spawn again.
- Fixed the Zenistar disc not deploying when using the Mortier Heavy Blade Skin.
- Fixed the Icarius Syandana missing its animations.
- Fixed randomizing colours and changing loadout appearance in the Simulacrum Arsenal not updating your appearance when you exit the Arsenal.


Will you fix the Odris memory fragments? The place where we have to move cursor to hear story is somewhere off the screen, what's making it unavible to know full lstory :< 

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2 hours ago, Darkspeed210 said:

PLS Fix ivaras invisibility glich she cant sprint while being invisible

That is intentional. The ability works that way. Try rolling or jumping and rolling afterwards to get around faster

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14 hours ago, psykhe said:

Update failed!

Downloaded data was corrupted.

Tried everything: changing languages, verifying game cache & data, disabling bulk & aggressive download, nothing works. I live in Brazil and my friends are having the same problem. 

1- Install and run Hotspot Shield.

2- Run Warframe. This time the update will work without a hitch.

3- When the update is finished, close Warframe.

4- Close Hotspot Shield. You can even uninstall it, if you want.

5- Run Warframe.

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3 hours ago, PlotMG said:

I can't update game.It's show like this:


What should I do?

It's a Windows problem.
Install on another drive, not C.
If you don't have another drive, try a custom folder, not Program Files.
But you can use the empty space on C to make another drive. Avoids a lot of "access denied" trouble with Windows.

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Hello DE, 
First, nice work for the skin, it looks really great !
Then, concerning Vauban's changes, I am skeptical about it. Recently I played him a lot to confirm what I was thinking about him and give you a feedback
In my opinion, Vauban needs a bigger rework, a bit like Frost had in the past because they have quite the same problems. 
Currently, he's only ok/ good in defensive missions. If you want to be effective, if you want to survive with Vauban you have to spam really hard his ablities. For a same result, you have to spend more time, more energy than other warframes. 
Only 2 of his abilities are effective: Bastille and Vortex (but they're in conflict, you don't use Bastille when you're Vortex and vice versa) + no synergy (the only synergy in Vauban's abilities is: Vortex + Shred or Concuss).
These problems lead us to a poor and no fun gameplay: 
- against greener/ corpus: Bastille spam
- against infested: Vortex spam
which is too bad because he has a good concept. 
Besides, everything is slow with him, he slows down the game which is problematical in a dynamic game. 

So, here some suggestions to improve Vauban: 

General changes: 

- Improve cast speed 
Notes: Nothing is instant with Vauban. He is the only Warframe to throw balls and it is a disadvantage compared to other warframes. For bastille and Vortex, it takes too much time. First Vauban has to take and throw the ball, then travel time, then the ball bounces, another travel time and finaly the ability is deployed. I'm totally fine with a delay when you cast an ability but for Vauban it is too much. (I tried to resolved the problem with Natural talent but it doesn't seem to have an effect on Vauban's abilities)

- Balls (only Bastille and Vortex) are no more body block with allies and enemy. 
Notes: Really frustrating to throw a ball in front of you and because of an ally or enemy, the ball deploys at your feet or in your back. 

- (Only Bastille and Vortex) If we keep pressing 3 or 4, now it shows the trajectory of the ball (similar to Nidus 1st ability)

- Buff his stats like you did for hydroid's rework 
Notes: I don't really know why but I feel weaker with Vauban than with warframes like Nyx, Ember, Nova, Banshee. 


To show you how much this ability is not great, before this update, I played an Interception mission in the Void. It was an alert and I think the enemies were around level 30. I was on B (the same point as in defense mission). I spammed Tesla 20 times in the middle of the point. I spent a bit of time and half of my energy (with 170% efficiency). Then I killed some ennemies in direction of C and then I turned back and I saw 2 enemies hacking the point. This happens in 20 sec max. 
To conclude, 20 Tesla aren't able to CC or kill 2 Level 30 enemies. 

- Tesla now does 3 electric arcs 
- Status chance: 66%
- Range: 6-7 meters (not affected by range mods)
- By pressing "x" you can attach a Tesla on Vauban (same idea as Volt's shield) 

I'm not a fan of the current system, how this ability works. It is really slow. Maybe only 2 or 3 balls would be better.

Bounce: In my opinion, the most useless ability in the game. I don't know why you deleted Superjump and keep this ability. 

Concuss/ Shred: Improve the range to activate the detonation. 


- Each enemy affected by Bastille gives an additional amount/ percentage of amour when you're inside the Bastille (works a bit like Oberon's 2nd ability)


- When you cast vortex inside a Bastille, all enemies affected by Bastille are now affected by Vortex

Finally, I don't think these suggestions are enoug. 
They're are more quality of life changes 
I know that you want to rework Nyx too and you don't really know if you want to rework Vauban. However, I think it is more urgent for Vauban to have a rework.
So I'm really curious to see what you're going to do with Vauban!

(sorry in advance for my english)

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On 2018-08-09 at 3:52 PM, [DE]Rebecca said:

Added new Lotus Transmissions for Kuva Siphon missions when attempting to destroy a braid. The new lines better emphasize the clouds being integral to success.


time ago

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Please just remove tesla and minelayer and replace them with better abilities, that or make tesla an AOE grenade that WILL ALWAYS apply a shock proc to all enemies in the radius, just replace minelayer with a big AOE that strips armor or maybe like a shoulder pulse cannon that will send armor stripping wide waves in a cone in the direction you are facing, something that will help him scale

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Looks great and everything but it's completely useless to me when I can't play the game until you fix the controller and UI setting issues... custom buttons don't save and go to default... can't play my favourite game again until this is sorted... I'm missing the Acolytes event because of it, which is very disappointing!

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Still no fix for: Archwing controls are seriously messed up. Afterburner/boost doesn't work, and neither does roll right (though roll left works fine). No idea what you guys did or when you broke it, but please look over it and fix it, it's nearly unplayable.

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