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(XB1)NeoCortex Prime

Server Issues

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Okey im not new to the game, nor am i new to how thing works! When that is said i have reset my router. hard reset xbox one x several of times. Also deleted cache severalls of times, (physically deleted save games). sometimes those things helps but i gotta say. they dont help with server issues. lag beeing tossed to login screen, being unable to use any abilty in game, (no i havent even been near a nullifier) being unable to move. lag spikes, cant change weapons. and last but not least, PoE is more a host migration then game play, so if i do 4 rounds mission on poe someone looses their connection = i loose my loot and beeing either sent to login screen or starting place in cetus if im lucky. allthough all the loot is gone. please solve this thanks 

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