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The Lotus Project Conspiracy Pt. 2 (Keep My Mother Out Of This Edition)


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Continued from the first part- https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/98371-the-lotus-project-conspiracy/#entry1113614


Today we discuss the connection of Nemesis, the current gen Tenno, and the Grineer.


Remember this is all theory based on things seen, heard, and read through out the game.


Nemesis A.KA. Nadia Sudek. A young woman who joined the agency and has a deeply rooted past with Hayden.


Although at first she appeared to have a deep hatred when she was first introduced, at her death she is seen apologizing to Hayden. Why? If you hate someone, wouldn't cursing them with a life of a monster be satisfying? Why would you apologize?

 5:15 where Nemesis is defeated.


After these events Nadia is dead, or unconscious its never truly stated her state in the end, but were left with the feeling she has surely died.


Later on during the final chapter we see Dixon, and the agency appear in a chopper which does manage to escape.

 (shown in the beginning of the video) That chopper may have been carrying the body of Nadia, and brought it back.


(This video also supports the idea that everyone including Dixon was an acceptable sacrifice for the Lotus Project)


Now why am I bringing up Nemesis in this manner? Because I believe they let Hayden go. If a project was a complete success why let Hayden go? Because they had Nadia.


Now there isn't much to go by on Nadia, but two theories come up on her.


A. She is a tube baby created by the Lotus Project scientist who may have included Mezner as one of the creators with the virus cultivated inside of her which allowed to spread the virus and make more super soldiers.


B. She later volunteered for this job because she felt she was doing the right thing in the name of justice.


With that being said Nadia was a complete success she was able to create the ultimate warrior...


Now what if Nadia's body was preserved... for a LONG time... possibly apart of a project that was shutdown and sealed away for thousands of years till it was excavated by the Orokin to restart the project. With what remains they decided to clone Nadia...



Now here is where it gets tricky. In Lotus Project Conspiracy Pt. 1 I said Stalker may have been apart of a generation of Tenno before the current generation and went rouge after he found out the truth, but as I said this is all theory and I could be wrong. So I came up with a new theory behind Stalker's past. What if the Clone of Nadia spread the virus, and Stalker along with friends, family, and love ones were all infected. He witnessed those he cared about become monsters, he witnessed those he cared about become overcome with power as they became super soldiers(Tenno). He may have been even driven to kill them as well which shattered his mind and filled him with revenge... Now he walks the Sol System as a shell of an empty man who lost everything driven only by his hate for the Orokin, and the clone of Nadia.


Now who is the clone of Nadia? Well there is only one Tenno right now that we play as that comes even close to what I would call an evolved form of Nadia based on survival principals. In Dark Sector the trailer spoke of Evolution... What if the clone of Nadia with the virus cultivating inside retained memories of its previous death, and evolved in order to prevent this death. Became... Stronger...


Scroll up to click the link where Hayden, and Nemesis fight(Or even look it up on youtube on your own) Watch as Nemesis fights Hayden... Look closely and you will see it as plain as day...


What is the first thing Nemesis does? Runs and when she gets close enough leaps through the air trying to strike at you. If Nemesis was faster with her blade strike Hayden would be dead by now...


Second thing Nemesis does is lift her blade into the air and call lighting... a pointless ability that led to her doom. If lifting her blade in the air did something else more useful she would have a great advantage in combat.


Third thing Nemesis did was after she was struck by lighting with Hayden's glaive she would leap high into the air giving her a better combat vantage point... hmm... this should be a dead give away...


Last... BUT NOT LEAST!!! The evolution of the Glaive! If you have seen Nemesis wield a glaive she throws it and it gets stuck in the ground leaving her defenseless. What if she could throw multiple glaives at once, and continue to regrow them from her body? Think of how devastating that would be...

I think I know someone who launches Javelin like glaives...



hmm... refusing to believe it? YES!!! Excalibur is the clone of Nadia Sudek... Excalibur IS NEMESIS!!! Excalibur is... A WOMAN!!! Samus Aran style surprise! Now your like... but Excalibur looks like a man!

Funny... Nemesis looked like a man too...



Yes the theory is Excalibur showed up long ago and used the glaive launching ability to multi mass infect its victims. (Remember Nemesis also had the option to choose if she wished to infect others with the virus as well)


It may be something that must be truly wanted, or controlled on an extreme level in order for Excalibur to infect more or less on a conscious level. However is extremely difficult to do since Excalibur isn't seen being able to pull this off during the actual game. (however its possible after mass murdering the level, and leaving the dead killed by Excalibur's radial javelin turn into infested) [On a side theory the Stalker could be Stalkers created from Grineer, and Corpus who got lucky enough to turn into Tenno]


Now what does this have to do with the Grineer? EVERYTHING!!!


The Grineer are split in two on how to deal with the Tenno... Sargus Ruk, and Vay Hek, vs. Vor, Tyl, and Kril.


Why would they be against each other... Because some where along the line they both find out the truth of Lotus Project, and are both keeping it on the hush hush out of fear of how much damage the Tenno could do.


In the beginning of the game (Lets talk about the ingame lore first, then the trailer)



It is mentioned that Queens most trusted brood are sent out... First off how do we know they are trusted? or who is trusted? Where does Vor stand, and where does Sargus Ruk stand? Both are generals... but Vor seems more interested in other things...


During the trailer he shocks another Grineer leader as he makes his way with two other grineer to see Excalibur... why was Vor so hell bent on this Tenno? When he first saw Excalibur he said "Take him" Then when the other three tenno showed up he said "Kill them" However the Grineer never fired upon Excalibur. (The "him" is either because Vor had two elite guards with him and the rest weren't authorized to know, or Vor simply doesn't know the real gender of Excalibur.)


In the Game opening however Vor is seen using his key to destroy Excalibur's Armor which would render the average Tenno helpless due to lack of armor... (since Warframe Armor is better then protoarmor from Dark Sector) Which would allow Vor to capture Excalibur... if it wasn't for the other three Tenno that intervened...


Now why would Sargus and Hek stand against it? Hek wanted to kill those tenno because they were a threat to his business plans, and Sargus... well he stands against Tyl every step of the way. What is the deal between Tyl, and Sargus?


Tyl wants to RESTORE the bodies of the Grineer. Sargus wants to turn the grineer into super cyborgs because "flesh is weak".


My Theory on this is that Tyl would normally be surrounded by elite guards due to his findings. However purposely made himself seem defenseless in hopes Excalibur would come to him.


Originally Vor may have wanted to capture Excalibur till he realized the threat it posed along with the other Tenno...



However Vor seems like a sneaky one... Is his real objective to kill the Tenno? We will never truly know till the Lore opens up more for us.


Tyl on the other hand might benefit in restoring the Grineer if he could get a perfectly cultivated version of the virus to turn his fellow Grineer into Tenno... This would also benefit Vor... What if Vor's key leads to a hidden Warframe in the void. In which Vor anxiously awaits the day Tyl's work is complete so he himself can become half Tenno, and then place on this mysterious Warframe......?


Only time will tell, and the release of more Lore content...


As stated before the Lotus Project conspiracy is Theory based on information gathered from Dark Sector, Warframe, and live stream... And maybe someday Dark Sector Zero...


Yes... The final piece to me solving this massive puzzle... Dark Sector Zero the Comic book prequel of the game Dark Sector... SECTOR000_Page_1.jpg




If you own this comic book, or know anything about it please do share and enlighten us on what happened before Dark Sector...

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