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Plains of Eidolon impossible sortie exterminate incursion

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The sortie Plains of Eidolon incursion set's second stage wanted to be an exterminate mission. Unfortunately, the area I was meant to get to decided to spawn behind a door that had decided to take the day off today. The door in question is the one in the cave in Twin Horns. Here are some screenshots for further clarity:



The culprit itself.


The culprit's hideout. You'll have to excuse my Carrier's rather rude glare emanating from his beloved Sweeper Prime, your honour.


The hideout's precise location on the full map. I seem to have had the worst of luck with the visual effects today, this time you'll have to excuse the location pointer's rude timing of pulsation.

Your honour, I wish to see this miscreant pay for their crimes. Crimes which they have been getting away with for too long.

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On 2018-08-11 at 1:22 AM, [DE]Megan said:

We're investigating! Thanks for bringing to our attention.

Please also investigate the ever-going bug of 'grineer drop pods not opening resulted in sabotage beacon not spawning' during sabotage mission in PoE thus stopping any bounty or sortie progression.

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